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How To Avoid The Pressure & Damage Of Roof Cleaners

Tile roofs perform much better under harsh climatic conditions than many other roofing materials. They are highly resistant to damage caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, and other weather extremes. Roof tiles are also fireproof and carry a class-A rating. However, algae and bacteria create black streaks on your tile roof, ruining its curb appeal.

In addition to tainting the aesthetics of your roof, those unsightly streaks eat away at your roof. Since your roof is one of the most expensive components to replace, you need to have it cleaned regularly to prevent rapid deterioration.

Five Reasons to Stay Away from Pressure Washing

There are many methods used to clean tile roofs, but the most common is pressure washing. However, the problem with pressure washing a tile roof is it ruins your roof. Here are a few reasons you should avoid pressure washing.

1. It Voids Your Roof Warranty

The biggest reason to not hire cleaning companies who use pressure washing is the way they clean your roof will void the warranty you have. The pressure used will irreparably damage your roof.

2. It Only Cleans the Top Layer of Algae

Pressure washing your tile roof only eliminates the top layer of algae, leaving the spores alive in the porous tiles. This means the black streaks will disappear only for a short duration and crop back again after a few months to a year. Meanwhile, the algae still eats away your roof.

3. Pressure Washing Damages Your Roof

Pressure washing can cause enormous damage to your roof. When regular pressure washing companies clean your roof, they often apply up to 4,500 psi of water to your roof. As a result, the tiles can easily shift and allow a lot of water to spray underneath the tiles and ultimately shorten the lifespan of your roof. Other roof cleaners will also walk a lot on your tiles, causing tiles to break, crack, or shift.

4. Pressure Washing Can Dull the Glazing

Pressure washing can dull or remove the glazing on the tiles. As a result, the tiles will begin to fade, leaving you with dull tiles. Eventually, your tiles will begin showing bare cement, denting your roof’s curb appeal.

5. Pressure Washing Costs More

It actually costs a lot more than you think if you’re using regular roof cleaners rather than a certified roofing contractor to clean your roof. They can end up causing lots of damage to your roof, resulting in more leaks and more money spent down the road. They are out to make a quick buck. Since they are not licensed roofers, not only do they not understand the critical component of your roof, but they cannot make repairs (contracting without a license is a 3rd-degree felony) and will literally kill your roof by ignoring needed repairs.

Hire a Professional Roofer to Clean Your Tile Roof

Always hire a professional roofer to clean your roof to ensure longevity. Having a roofer clean your tile roof means your roof will get full-service care, from repairs before cleaning to a sparkling clean roof. Working with Kelly Roofing to clean your roof means issues will be addressed instead of ignored.

We use the right products without applying pressure to the tiles. First, an all-natural soft wash cleaning product and then Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution to protect your roof. Every time it rains, your roof will continue to self-clean and create a protective barrier from algae. You’ll only need to have Roof Rain reapplied every two years to keep your tile roof looking fresh and streak-free for life!

Some of the benefits of professional roof cleaning include:

  • Never have a dirty roof for life
  • Restores the look of your roof
  • Increases your home’s curb appeal
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your roof
  • Prevents HOA nasty-grams
  • Maintains the value of your home
  • Extends the useful life of your roof

Schedule Roof Inspection Every Two Years

Most tile manufacturers require documented regular inspections in order to maintain warranty coverage. Such inspections can only be performed by a certified roofing contractor and not a cleaning company. A roofing inspection helps keep your roof healthy, and fresh, doubling its lifespan. It also helps to identify small issues and carry out the necessary repairs before they escalate into bigger, more expensive problems. This will extend the life of your roof and save you money in the long-term.

If you own a home with a tile roof in Southern Florida, Kelly Roofing is your ultimate roofing partner. Our roof cleaning services cost the same as others, but we use high flow through-put pumps which allow us to clean your roof faster than a traditional cleaner with a pressure washer. The difference is how we care for your roof. We are qualified roofers who will fix any issue we discover during the cleaning process instead of pretending we didn’t see it. Even if a pressure washer fixes a broken tile, they’ll be contracting without a license and could potentially land you in trouble or void your warranty. Our Roof Rain Time-Activated Algae Prevention Solution ensures your roof stays clean and healthy for up to two years. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate.