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7 Reasons We Recommend Tesla As The Best Solar Manufacturer

Solar roofing is green, efficient, and allows you to save money on your electricity bills. But once you start considering a solar roof for your home, a big question comes up. Which solar manufacturer is the best?

Many solar manufacturing companies have come and gone over the years, but one has really stood the test of time: Tesla. 

The Tesla Solar Roof is, far and above, the best option in today’s solar roofing industry. Tesla was founded in 2003, and they officially unveiled the first Tesla Solar Roof in 2016. Since then, they have risen to the top, providing customers with a high-quality product backed by a remarkable 25-year warranty. But this just scratches the surface! In fact, there are seven key reasons we recommend Tesla as the best solar manufacturer.

1. Two Different Offerings

Tesla offers two different solar systems, which makes solar roofing an option for more homeowners.

  • The first is Tesla Solar Panels. These are more traditional, rack-mounted panels which can be placed on an existing roof. If your current roof is in great shape, installing solar panels on top is often the best option. They work with flat roofs, shingle roofs, tile roofs, and more.
  • The second option is the Tesla Solar Roof. This is a built-in solar system where the roof tiles themselves contain photovoltaic cells. If you need a new roof, installing a Tesla Solar Roof is a convenient, cost-effective choice.

2. More Productive Panels

Another reason we love Tesla has to do with the productivity of their systems. Both the Tesla Solar Roof and Tesla Solar Panels produce more energy than solar panels from other manufacturers. In other words, with Tesla, your roof generates more electricity from the same square footage.

Our installers also make an effort to install the panels so they capture as much sunlight as possible. We start with the southern-facing side of your roof, as it receives the most sunlight. We then use the east and west sides as needed; the north side is only used as a last resort. (The north side of a roof receives about 30% less sunlight than the south side!)

3. Patented Anchor System

The patented anchor system Tesla created for their solar panels is also a game-changer for the industry. This system makes Tesla Solar Panels easier to install than the competition, which keeps labor costs down. Also, if your roof needs repairs, it is easy for your technician to disconnect the damaged panels without disturbing the rest of the system.

The Tesla Solar Roof is similarly easy to install and repair. Your technician can easily disconnect and replace one or two tiles to make small repairs because the individual roofing tiles clip together.

4. Stylish Appearance

The Tesla Solar Roof is quite attractive. It has a clean, modern look. Passersby won’t realize you have a solar system as your roof unless you tell them. Since the roof is so durable, it will stand up to hail and high winds without beginning to look worn or disheveled. 

Tesla Solar Panels are also created with appearance in mind. They’re low-profile with a simple, modern design. 

5. Micro-Inverter Setup

Many solar panels are made with what’s known as a string inverter system. All of the photovoltaic cells are connected. Similar to your Christmas lights, if one goes out, the whole system goes out.

Tesla Solar Panels and tiles, on the other hand, each have their own micro-inverter. So, if one panel goes out, the rest of the system remains operational. This means you shouldn’t ever have to deal with a total power outage.

The individual micro-inverters also make it easier for technicians to repair Tesla Solar Panels and Tesla Solar Roofs. They can remove and replace one section without affecting the rest of the array.

6. Quick Pay-Off

The payback period for a Tesla Solar Roof or Tesla Solar Panels depends on the size of the system and several other factors. But most customers recoup their cost within 7 to 13 years. Tesla Solar Roofs are made even more affordable due to federal tax rebates. Plus, you’ll save money on energy costs by generating your own electricity.

7. Marketability

We’re not the only ones who love Tesla Solar Roofs. There’s a high demand for these systems among home buyers. So, if you install a Tesla solar system and decide to sell your home, the solar system will increase demand and drive up your asking price. Most sellers immediately recoup the cost of their Tesla Solar Roof or Tesla Solar Panels.There are a lot of solar manufacturers out there, but Tesla remains a top innovator in the industry. If you’re looking for the best solar roofing system manufacturer, Tesla is it. Contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida to learn more. We’re a Tesla Certified Installer, and we’d be happy to give you an estimate.