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How To Tell If A Tesla Solar Roof Is A Bargain

A Tesla Solar Roof Save You Money Long-Term

Shingles and metal panels are two of the most popular roofing materials these days. Both have a relatively low initial cost when compared to that of a Tesla Solar Roof. But consider what happens to these materials over the years. Before long, they start deteriorating. You need to have them repaired or treated with various preventatives, which costs you even more money. As time passes, shingle or metal roofs cost you more and more.

Then, consider a Tesla Solar Roof. The initial cost may be higher. You may pay more for a Tesla Solar Roof than for a shingle or metal roof. You’re paying for the technology, the high-end materials, and the intricate installation process. However, as the years pass, the Tesla Solar Roof saves you money on your electricity bills.

By the time you reach years 7 – 10, electricity savings have negated the initial price difference between your Tesla Solar Roof and a plain metal roof. After that, it’s all savings.

Tax Credits Bring the Initial Cost Down

Also, consider the initial cost you’re quoted for a Tesla Solar Roof is not generally the amount you end up paying. Federal tax credits for residential solar energy can bring your cost way down. 

Between 2020 and 2022, homeowners can claim a 26% tax credit for installing solar systems, including Tesla Solar Roofs. There’s no maximum amount which can be claimed. So, if you have a Tesla Solar Roof installed, you will receive 26% of the initial cost back in the form of a tax credit. 

When considering your roof options, it’s important to look deeper than the initial cost. A Tesla Solar Roof will cost you more upfront, but due to tax credits and energy savings, these roofs can save you thousands over the years. This makes a Tesla Solar Roof a bargain!

To learn more about Tesla Solar Roofs or schedule a quote, contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida. We’re proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer.