Extending the Life of Your Roof With Repairs

Maintaining the roof of your Naples home is crucial to extending its lifetime, its value, and the integrity of the rest of the structure. Your roof protects you from the dangers of nature and provides a safe place for you, your family, and everything you own. When you see signs of damage, it is imperative to fix it quickly to prevent further harm to your property.

Depending on where you live, roof maintenance may need to be made more, or less, often. The frequent rain and risk of high winds from hurricanes, in Naples, means that roof maintenance is even more important. To know when you need to call a roofing company, like Kelly Roofing, look for some of the signs of damage listed below:

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Locating shingles that need to be replaced may be easily done by walking around your house, or carefully climbing a ladder, to search for shingles that are missing pieces, or missing completely. Tears that expose the underlayment are a huge threat to the integrity of your home and require immediate repairs.

Damaged or Missing Starter Strip

A starter strip seals the first row of shingles and protects from wind uplift. A damaged or missing starter strip can expose your entire roof to damage from high winds shifting your shingles. If you notice this type of damage, it is essential to have it repaired immediately.

Rooftop Objects

Things such as chimneys and vents can be a point of weakness on any roof; for this reason, it is important that they are installed and sealed correctly. Look for shingles bubbling or shifting, or obvious signs of seepage around these rooftop objects. If you see any of these warning signs, call a roofing professional, as soon as possible, to avoid more serious damage.

Curled Corners

Overtime, shingles will curl inward or upward. You can prevent further damage, or more extensive roof repairs, by having them fixed as soon as you notice them. In order to complete this repair properly, a roofing company will likely have to return more than one day to check that the sealant has bonded properly to the roof.

Calling trained roofers to do an inspection and roof maintenance for you is always a good idea. A quality roofing company can find and complete any repairs quickly, and as often as needed, to help you get the most out of your roof and extend its lifetime.

Replacing your roof is expensive but you can often extend its life by repairing and restoring it. By hiring Kelly Roofing to perform scheduled roof maintenance and any needed repairs, you can preserve the quality of your Naples home.

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