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Going Green: Is Renewable Energy A Good Investment? A Discussion Of Tesla Solar Roof & Powerwall Systems!

Most people agree that “going green” with solar energy is a good choice for the planet. However, there’s a common hangup that causes homeowners to hesitate on solar energy: finances. A Tesla Solar Roof does cost more than your typical metal or tile roof. So, homeowners sometimes fear that solar is a “bad” investment – or that they won’t get their money back if they opt in. That’s simply not the case.

Tesla Solar Roofs and Tesla Powerwalls save you money (and headaches) in multiple ways. By investing in solar, you’re doing both the planet and your future self a favor.

No More Fluctuating Energy Bills

Do you hold your breath every month when your electric bill comes? You might feel like you have no control over this expense, especially with how rapidly energy prices have been changing lately. A Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall can give you freedom from this worry.

The Tesla Powerwall is essentially a giant battery. It stores all of the extra electricity that your Tesla Solar Roof makes during the daytime. You can then use that extra electricity during the night or on a cloudy day when your Tesla Solar Roof is not actively producing. This setup allows most homeowners to disconnect from the grid. Then, you won’t have any more monthly electricity bills to worry about. Not only does this save you money over time, but it gives you peace of mind and a better sense of control – which are priceless. 

Earnings After Payback Period

Each month, the Tesla Solar Roof will save you a little money on electricity. Over time, these savings will add up until they eventually exceed the amount you initially invested in your roof. This is called the payback period. It’s usually between 7 and 10 years, depending on the size of your roof and how much electricity you use.

After the payback period, each month’s energy savings will basically be money in your pocket. Tesla Solar Roofs are warranted for 25 years and often last much longer than that. So, an initial investment in a Tesla Solar Roof could yield you 15 years or more of energy earnings

Payment From Your Electric Company

A Tesla Solar Roof often produces more electricity than your home needs, especially in sunny climates like that of Florida. Your installer can set your system up to send any excess electricity back into the public power grid. The electric company will keep track of how much electricity you feed into the system. At the end of the month, they’ll send you a check for the electricity you shared with them.

Your friends and neighbors will be receiving bills from the electric company, but you’ll be receiving checks. That certainly sounds like a good investment to us. Even if the checks are small, which they may be during cloudier months, every little bit helps pay off your initial investment in a Tesla Solar Roof.

Peace of Mind During Power Outages

Here’s another big benefit of the Tesla Powerwall that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. A Tesla Powerwall ensures you don’t lose power during a storm or public power outage. If the public grid goes down, you’ll still have electricity stored in your Tesla Powerwall. You don’t have to run a generator or spend the evening by candlelight.

Knowing you won’t lose power can give you peace of mind, but it can also save you money. You don’t have to buy a whole-home generator or fuel for that generator. You don’t have to worry about your refrigerator going out, leading to spoiled and wasted food. Neighbors may be spending money to stay in a hotel or rental while the power is out, but you can stay in your home. Your Tesla Solar Roof will keep producing energy and your Tesla Powerwall will keep storing it.

Tesla Solar Roofs are also built to be very strong and resistant to storm damage. Debris rinses off the glass panels easily, so it won’t interfere with the ability to produce power. The metal components of the Tesla Solar Roof are strong and wind-resistant, so your roof will keep protecting your home and producing electricity during bad weather. 

The Tesla Solar Roof and Tesla Powerwall are good, green investments for most homeowners. The amount you save and earn will vary, depending on the size of your home, your electricity use, and other factors. However, most Tesla Solar Roofs do pay for themselves within a decade or so, and they can yield long-term savings.If you’d like more personalized pricing information, contact Kelly Roofing in Florida. We’re a Tesla Certified Installer, and we’re happy to discuss whether solar would be worth the investment in your particular case.