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Decorate Your Front Door for Goblins

It won’t be long until children are visiting your home for trick-or-treating. Here at Kelly Roofing, a leading Pelican Bay roofing company, we would like to offer you these decorating tips in order to ensure your home appears festive and inviting for fun-loving visitors of all ages.

Festive Decorations

Many people are tempted to put up scary decorations during this time of year, but doing so might actually frighten little children away. Rather than ghosts, goblins or monsters, some decorations that will lend flair to your Pelican Bay home without making kids fearful are:

  • Carefully Carved Pumpkins
  • Scarecrows
  • Dried Flowers or Mums
  • Cornstalks
  • Black Cats
  • Colored Leaf Garlands

Place a few of these decorations along your walkway or the entry to your home, taking care to ensure you do not place them where children are likely to trip on them.

Adding Mystery

IMG_1835If you do like decorations that are a bit on the scary side, you can certainly have them, too. Try to use discretion for the younger trick or treaters by avoiding graphic displays that are gory in nature and choose things that are somewhat mysterious instead. One way to add a bit of mystery is to use dry ice or a fog machine to create a mist over your front porch. Other not-so-scary decorations might include spiders in webs, bats hanging from tree limbs, or friendly-looking masks placed on your front door.
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The right lighting will not only show off your decorations, but will also ensure that kids remain safe while coming and going. Some good lighting options to consider are:

  • Strands of miniature Christmas lights around your porch pillars or railing
  • Solar lights along your walkway
  • Strings of lantern lights between trees or bushes
  • Oil lanterns on patio tables
  • Candles are also a good option, provided you do not leave them unattended. For outdoor use, consider using flameless electric candles instead.

Implementing some of these decorating ideas will help you and your little princesses and goblin friends to have a happy and safe Halloween.

Be Careful When Putting up Lighting

When it comes to placing decorations or lights on the roof line or fascia board of your home, it’s important to get advice from someone who knows roofs well if you are not sure what to do to avoid damaging them. The experts at your Pelican Bay roofing company, Kelly Roofing, can be an excellent source of information on avoiding damage to the roof line.

Should your roofing get damaged inadvertently or if you discover any damage when putting up lights, be sure and contact Pelican Bay roofing company, Kelly Roofing, for any needed repairs.

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