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How Tesla Is Changing The Roofing Industry With Superior Solar

We often speak about the Tesla Solar Roof as being revolutionary. We tell clients that Tesla’s solar products are superior, and we recommend them over other brands. But why? Does Tesla really stand head-and-shoulders above the rest? Are they truly changing the future of solar roofing? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Here’s how they’re doing it.

Attractive Appearance

So many people would love the convenience and cost savings which come with solar roofing, but they don’t like the look of solar panels on a roof. In some areas, HOA regulations even prohibit solar panels because of their appearance. On the other hand, the Tesla Solar Roof is just as good-looking as a standard shingle roof, if not better. 

The Tesla Solar Roof has what’s known as built-in photovoltaic cells, or BIPV. Instead of having separate solar panels mounted on the roof, the solar-collecting system is your roof. The Tesla Solar Roof tiles look like a high-end roof system, but they also collect solar energy and convert it to electricity. The roof coordinates well with a variety of home architectural styles, and even strict HOAs approve. With the Tesla Solar Roof, you can enjoy solar energy without the obstructive look of solar panels.

Easy Installation

Installing classic solar panels on a roof is not easy. Traditionally, a roofer would install the roof and then you’d have to call a separate solar company to install the solar panels. On the other hand, with the Tesla Solar Roof, you only need to work with one company. The roof and the electrical panels are one. Additionally, Tesla Certified Installers have been specifically trained to install these systems. With Tesla, you get top-notch installation by qualified professionals — every time.

Affordable Pricing

Installing a Tesla Solar Roof costs about the same amount of money as installing a new roof plus solar panels. However, the Tesla Solar Roof will save you more money over time in a few ways. Since the Tesla Solar Roof comes with a 25-year warranty, you won’t have any maintenance or repair costs for 25 years. Plus, with the Tesla Solar Roof, you have the option of installing a Tesla Powerwall and disconnecting from the grid completely, resulting in even higher energy savings.

The conclusion is clear: The Tesla Solar Roof is changing the industry for the better. If you’re considering a Tesla Solar Roof for your Florida home, contact Kelly Roofing. We’re proud to be your Tesla Certified Installers.