3 Ways Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Better Than Solar Shingles

Customers sometimes ask us how Tesla Solar Roof Tiles differ from solar shingles. The simple, short answer is solar shingles and solar tiles are the same thing. The terms can be used interchangeably! While we usually refer to the Tesla Solar Roof as being made from solar tiles, they could be accurately described as solar shingles, too. However, it is important to note how Tesla Solar Roof tiles differ from other solar shingles or solar tiles. Tesla’s products are superior to other solar shingles for three key reasons.

1. Tesla Offers True BIPV

The initialism BIVP means “built-in photovoltaic.” This means the components which capture solar energy and convert it to electricity are fully integrated into the Tesla Solar Roof shingles. But what about the tiles or shingles that don’t contain the solar components? With Tesla’s system, these non-active tiles look the same. So, if you look at a Tesla Solar Roof from the ground, it just looks like a nice roof; you can’t tell which tiles are solar and which ones are not. They’re all made from the same base materials. This is not always the case with other solar shingles. 

2. Tesla’s Materials Are Made to Be Compatible

Tesla has put a lot of time and research into designing their solar materials. Tesla Solar Roof tiles each have their own individual solar cells. They have a “plug and play” design which makes it easy for installers to connect them. There are no complex electrical wires or other systems to run through your attic. You don’t have to worry about separate components being incompatible with the solar cells. All cables, wires, and other components are installed on your rooftop where they are out of sight but still protected from the elements.

3. Tesla Solar Roofs Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Tesla makes their solar tiles look exactly like their non-active tiles. They’re the only solar company who does this. As a result, your roof will have a consistent look. The roof tiles themselves are cleanly designed to coordinate with most architectural styles. With Tesla, you don’t have to choose between a beautiful roof and a solar roof; you get both.

The Tesla Solar Roof is superior to other brands of solar shingles. If you’re in the market for an aesthetically pleasing, true BIPV roof system, contact Kelly Roofing in Florida. We’re Tesla Certified Installers and can speak with you in more depth about the benefits of a Tesla Solar Roof.