What Is Roof Maintenance Like For A Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roofs help lower your carbon footprint, produce green energy, and give you freedom from the power grid. But one question customers often have for us is how much maintenance these roofs require. Sometimes, people worry such a tech-driven roof system will require extensive maintenance and care — but this is not the case at all! In fact, Tesla Solar Roofs are surprisingly easy to maintain.

Keeping the Roof Clean

It is important for a solar roof to remain clean. If you get dust, dirt, and grime buildup on the photovoltaic panels, this reduces the amount of sunlight which comes through them. Your electrical output then decreases. Thankfully, this is something Tesla accounted for when designing their solar roofs.

Tesla purposely made their solar roofing panels to be slick or slippery. This allows rain to rinse dirt and other grime off the roof surface. In other words, each time it rains, your Tesla Solar Roof naturally cleans itself. The grime all gets rinsed off into your gutters and then funneled to the ground.

What if dirt, pollen, smoke residue, or other debris builds up on the roof despite its slick surface? This does happen from time to time, primarily when rainfall has been scarce or when the air is more polluted than usual. For instance, if there are wildfires in your area, smoke residue might build up on the roof faster than rain can wash it away. If your roof is nestled among pollen-producing trees, pollen may build up on the roof.

Luckily, your roof will let you know if buildup becomes an issue. The Tesla Solar Roof panels carefully track how much power they are producing. If one or more panels experience a decrease in production, you’ll receive a notification. Your Tesla Certified Installer will also get a notification, prompting them to come take a look. If they find debris buildup on your roof, they can clean it away. This is done from the ground — not from the roof. You should never attempt to scrub or clean your Tesla Solar Roof yourself.

If your roof is prone to pollen buildup or smoke residue buildup, then you might want to have it professionally cleaned. This can be done every few years as a preventative measure. You should know, however, this is only necessary on rare occasions. The vast majority of Tesla Solar Roofs stay clean enough without outside intervention.

25-Year Warranty

Another benefit in maintaining your Tesla Solar Roof a cinch is the 25-year warranty. This warranty covers both parts and labor, making it comprehensive compared to the industry standard.

Chances are, you’ll never have to cash in on the warranty. Tesla makes a great product, and there are very few repairs or changes necessary. However, you get peace of mind knowing any necessary roof repairs will be completed without charge. It’s nice to know you won’t have to spend a dime on maintenance for 25 years once a Tesla Solar roof is installed.

The Benefits of Low Maintenance

So, what are the benefits of choosing such a low-maintenance solar roofing system? Here are a few key ones.

You save money.

Most types of roofing, such as metal and tile roofing, begin to cost you money as it ages. The older these roofs get, the more you spend on cleaning and maintaining them. With Tesla Solar Roofs, you actually spend less and less as the roof gets older. You save money on electricity from day one. Plus, by the time the roof is 25 years old, it has usually already paid for itself — which means you’re making money by generating your own electricity

You save time.

If you’re used to maintaining a metal, shingle, or tile roof, you’ll be amazed how much time you save with Tesla Solar Roofing. You won’t have to spend a Saturday having your roof cleaned. You won’t have to waste time constantly looking up at the roof and wondering what condition it’s in. You won’t even need to call your roofer for maintenance appointments.

Your home value increases.

You’re not the only one who wants a low-maintenance roof. These days, home buyers are increasingly focusing on easy-to-maintain houses. Your Tesla Solar Roof will make your home highly sought after by these buyers. So, if you do decide to sell your home and move, your roof will increase your home’s value and help you attract more buyers.

Tesla Solar Roofs are incredibly low-maintenance and easy to care for, thanks to their surface and 25-year warranty. To learn more about these roofs or arrange for an estimate, contact Kelly Roofing. We are your Tesla Certified Installer in Florida.