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Will a Tesla Solar Roof Increase My Insurance Costs?

  • Will a Tesla Solar Roof increase your insurance bill?
  • Will your insurance company drop you for installing a solar roof?

Not at all! In fact, many homeowners are rewarded with lower insurance premiums after installing a Tesla Solar Roof. Insurers love these solar roofs because they make the home safer and less prone to damage. Here are a few specific ways your Tesla Solar Roof may help you save on insurance costs.

Improved Wind Resistance

Tesla Solar Roofs are made to be incredibly wind-resistant. After all, they’ve been designed to meet Florida Building Codes, the most stringent nationwide. We have hurricanes and fierce windstorms in Florida, so the more protection your roof offers the better.

In learning you have a highly wind-resistant Tesla Solar Roof, your homeowners’ insurance company may actually lower your rate. There is now less risk of your roof blowing off or suffering damage during a storm from their perspective. So, it only makes sense to charge you less for coverage.

High-Quality Underlayment

Another great feature of the Tesla Solar Roof is the proprietary underlayment. This underlayment adheres directly to the roof deck. It has a Class A fire rating and also acts as a secondary water protectant.

To your insurance company, this means your home has a lower risk of fire damage and leaks. Which could mean even lower insurance premiums.

Protected Glass

One of the most common places for roofs to leak is around skylights and other glass features. When a Tesla Solar Roof is installed, your installer will use impact-protected glass for all of these features. This decreases the risk of damage and leaks, thereby lowering your risk — and probably your insurance premium — even further.It all comes down to this: insurance companies appreciate when you take actions to make your home safer and less prone to damage. This makes installing a Tesla Solar Roof a great investment. If you would like to learn more about Tesla Solar Roofs and how they can save you money, please contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida.