How To Cut Roof Replacement Costs With A Tesla Solar Roof

It’s time for a new roof, and this time around, you want the most eco-friendly, sustainable option possible. A roof which collects solar energy can offset electricity costs and protect you during power outages. But there are two options to consider: classic solar panels and Tesla Solar Roofs

Which of these options is best from a cost perspective? Usually, a Tesla Solar Roof is more cost-friendly in the long run. Here’s a closer look at both options and how they compare.

Solar Panels

Solar panels must be mounted to a metal roof. So, before you have solar panels installed, you need to have a roofing company replace your existing roof with a metal one. Then, you’ll need to have a second contractor come install the solar panels. So, you’re paying for two projects here — installing the roof and installing the solar panels.

If your metal roof ever needs repairs in the future, the solar panels must be removed before repairs are made. You have to call (and pay) both the roofing company and the solar panel company. This can cost you a small fortune over the years as your metal roof begins to deteriorate and require regular service.

Tesla Solar Roofs

With Tesla Solar Roofs, the photovoltaic cells are incorporated into the roof material itself. You only have to work with one contractor who installs the entire roofing system. 

If your Tesla Solar Roof needs repairs, you know who to call. A single company will handle any structural roofing repairs, along with any electrical or mechanical issues associated with the solar cells. This keeps repair costs much lower than with a metal roof and solar panels.

With a Tesla Solar Roof, you also have the option of installing a Tesla Powerwall. This appliance can store electricity for you to use on cloudy days or if the power goes out. So, Tesla Solar Roofs can also give you access to more electricity than traditional solar panels.

When comparing the cost of a 12.5kw Tesla Solar Roof to a metal roof and a 12.5 PV system, the Tesla Solar Roof was about 7% cheaper. On top of this, you enjoy a lifetime of savings on repairs and electricity.

Move over, solar panels! Tesla Solar Roofs are the most cost-effective solar roofing option. Contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida to learn more about these roofs or to schedule a quote.