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Why Do Tile Roofs Fail?

The Fort Myers area has many beautiful Spanish-style homes and businesses, complete with concrete or ceramic tile roofs. Though seldom in need of tile roof repair, these substantial roofs do require steady upkeep by professional roofers. Avoid walking on your tile roof (you can damage yourself or the tiles), but do not ignore it. When tile roofs fail, they do so for predictable, preventable reasons.

Tile Roof

Features of Failure

Tile roof repair may come upon your home or business far earlier than you expected because of five typical reasons:

  1. Poor initial construction or installation
  2. Age
  3. Storm damage
  4. Neglect
  5. Ignoring small problems


These issues fall into three categories: past, present, and future.

Past Problems

How your home or commercial property was built greatly affects the lifespan of its tile roof, and the need for tile roof repair. Poor construction allows too much movement in the roof, providing inadequate support for the tiles. Poor tile roof installation (failure to follow manufacturers’ recommendations, improper or insufficient mechanical fasteners, incorrect offset) can have you contacting a different, reliable roofer for tile roof repair to make up for another company’s errors.

Tile roofs, properly maintained, can last over 100 years. Any shortcuts, however, in installation or maintenance will cause the tiles to prematurely age.

Present Problems

A quick-moving storm can drop debris on your roof, causing major storm damage that needs quick tile roof repair.

Neglecting a tile roof will turn a small problem today into a major headache in the future. After a storm, visually inspect your roof from the ground. Call a professional roofer to check the integrity of the tiles, look for dislodged or missing tiles, and check the structure supporting the tiles. Arrange for regular maintenance and inspection by Kelly Roofing.

Future Problems

If you defer maintenance today, you buy yourself expensive future problems with your tile roof. Avoid extensive and costly major tile roof repair jobs by getting routine maintenance and small tile repair work done quickly.

Preventing Failure

Though you can do little about past issues, the key to preventing future tile roof failure is to stay on top of maintenance and repair. You need not obsess over the roof, though. Turn the worry over to the professionals at Kelly Roofing, and enjoy the charm and environmentally friendly qualities of a ceramic or concrete tile roof. Contact Kelly Roofing today to learn more about our high-quality, professional tile roof services.

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