How Can I Know If A Tesla Solar Roof Will Work On My Roof?

The short answer to this question is “probably.” Tesla Solar Roofs are incredibly versatile and are compatible with most roof structures. Here’s a closer look at some of the factors and limitations we consider when evaluating your home’s compatibility with a Tesla Solar Roof.

Roof Pitch

Tesla Solar Roofs can be installed on homes with a roof pitch greater than 2:12, up to and including 12:12. Most pitched roofs fall into this range. Unless your roof is incredibly steep or completely flat, then your pitch is likely compatible.

Edge Shape

Tesla Solar Roofing is challenging to install on roofs with tapered or rounded edges. This style of edging is sometimes seen on Polynesian-style homes and those with barrel dormers. But here’s the good news: we can modify your roof’s edge by squaring it off. Once the edges are squared off, we can install the solar roofing. We’ve made these modifications for several homeowners in the past, and it has gone smoothly.


To generate power, Tesla Solar Roofing needs to be exposed to plenty of sunlight. While we could technically install solar roofing on a shaded roof, doing so is not usually worthwhile. But again, there are usually some changes we can make if you’re serious about having a Tesla Solar Roof installed.

If the shade is provided by trees, you could have the trees removed or trimmed to eliminate the shade. If the shade is caused by a nearby building, we’ll need to take a closer look. The roof may actually only be shaded for a few hours a day, in which case we can probably still install the solar roof.

Sometimes homeowners contact us wondering whether Tesla Solar Roofs are compatible with their skylights, vents, and chimneys. The answer is “yes.” These structures may be limitations for other roofing systems, but not for Tesla Solar Roofs. We can even install on split-level roofs and on roofs with some flat segments.

If you’ve ever wondered, “will solar work on my roof?” contact Kelly Roofing in South Florida. We are proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer.