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You might be surprised how many people don’t know they’re sending money through their roof.  Overall, about 60 million homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, costing Americans $8.2 billion each year.* Simply insulating existing homes to current standards would save 800 trillion BTUs (that’s 76 supertankers of oil) each year.  A standard single-family home going from an existing R-19 to R-38 will see a minimum reduction of 20% on their cooling and heating bill. If your electric bill averages $200.00 per month, about half of that is for cooling and heating typically. A 20% savings would equate to a $20 reduction on your bill each month.  About 78% of homeowners have not added any insulation to their attic; in part because they believe their home already has enough.**  However 80% of homes built before 1980 are not insulated to government standards.* Even newer homes may not be as energy-efficient as you think. State energy codes are only the minimum insulation requirements for new construction–not the amount recommended to optimize energy efficiency.

  • It will not settle or lose its energy-saving abilities over time.
  • It does not require the addition of fire-retardant chemicals that can promote corrosion of pipes or wires.
  • It will not rot or decay, support fungus or mold growth, or provide sustenance for insects or vermin.

Typically 35%-50% of a total electric bill is for cooling costs. AttiCat guarantees at least a 20% savings or $320.00 per year. AttiCat is made up of 100% renewable materials (60% sand and 40% recycled jars and bottles) which are crushed into cullet, super heated and made into strands of micro glass fibers. Nothing is added to AttiCat – no binder,glue,chemicals or additives. It will not itch, crush or settle over time.

The competitive insulation, Cellulose, is made with boracic acid which is highly corrosive. This product is a fire hazard, it is reported there is a Cellulose fire in America every day. It also holds moisture which produces mold. Cellulose settles and loses its R-value.

Kelly Roofing is a certified Top of the House Insulation and Platinum Roofing installer with Owens Corning. Insulation even helps with creature comfort, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Combined with a good house sealing effort it can also reduce persistent moisture-related problems such as floor squeaks, drywall cracks, and condensation damage.