Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roofs are used in every weather climate around the world, are the oldest and most popular roofs lasting 25 – 50 years, depending on which way they are installed. Most roofs have flashings designed to keep water on top of the tiles, relying on the underlayment only as secondary protection and lasting 50 years.

In Florida, more than 90% of tile roofs do not have flashings, allowing water to run under the tiles and counting solely on the underlayment to keep the building dry. Water running under the tile will break down the underlayment and shorten its life by cracking and deteriorating, eventually allowing leaking. That’s why tile roofs in Florida start having leaks at year 5 and are replaced at year 25.

The good news is, these protective flashings can be added at any time, doubling the life of your roof. Kelly Roofing is the oldest roofer in Southwest Florida with more experience repairing tile roofs than any other company. Let us help you double your tile roof’s life. Contact us today for a free inspection.



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What Stage Is Your Roof In?

Water Leaking Under Tile

The first step in the progress of a tile roof leak is when water is able to get under the tile. This is extremely common with tile roofs that were installed without flashing, thinking the tile is only there for decorative purposes. It can also happen if you have a broken or cracked tile, which will expose and weaken the underlayment.

Leaks Causing Stains

The next step in the progression of a tile roof leak is when you start seeing noticeable stains on the exterior of your home and in your attic. By this point, the water has leaked through the underlayment and any decking.

Interior Damages

By the time you see interior damage in your home, this leak has already been present for quite some time. Ideally, you want to identify signs of damage that could cause a roof leak and get them corrected long before it reaches this point.

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

Water may be wreaking havoc on the inside of your roof. The signs are not as obvious as you might think!

Learn the stages of a tile roof leak to prevent any further damage in your home. Then, contact Kelly Roofing to put together a plan to repair your home.

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Proper Roof Cleaning to Prevent Tile Roof Repair

Only A Certified Roofing Contractor Should Ever Walk On Your Roof!

Trying to clean your roof yourself or hiring a subpar company can cause major damage. If you don’t know how to properly walk on a tile roof, you can easily crack or break tiles. Pressure washing is also a bad call for your tile roof, as it is less effective and more damaging than other tile roof treatments.

Luckily, these problems can easily be avoided by hiring a contractor that knows exactly what they are doing on top of a tile roof.

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