How To Conquer Algae And Keep Your Tile Roof Clean

Kelly Roofing is pleased to announce our innovative, environmentally friendly Roofiversary, our new biannual roof maintenance program! Every homeowner wants a clean roof, something to catch the eye and put a polish on the crowning jewel of your house. With the right blend of patience, soft washing, and the expertise of Kelly Roofing’s crews, your home can sparkle with a clean, algae-free tile roof. 

Tile Roof Cleaning

Traditionally, harsh chemicals have been the go-to solution for algae growth on tile roofs. While these treatments are effective in removing algae, they also damage landscaping, pollute the water table, and degrade the roof tiles themselves. 

Chemicals combined with high-pressure water streams from pressure washers would eliminate the algae — temporarily. The pressurized water would seep under tiles, past underlayment and into the sheathing. Often, the pressurized stream of water pits and scars the tiles themselves. 

Algae grow where opportunity allows. The small patches of algae blossom and grow with the newer, larger cavities and divots carved out by the chemicals and pressure washer. The cycle repeats, requiring more chemicals, more time, and more water. 

Why Algae is a Problem

For such a simple organism, an alga is a complicated beast. One alga plant is unlikely to cause a fuss on your tile roof. In the hundreds of thousands, though, algae such as pond scum, seaweed, and the algae blighting your roof can cause real damage. 

Algae growth on your roof looks bad. It discolors your tile roof, absorbs heat unevenly, and absorbs moisture. Algae provide a foothold for other organisms to set up residency on your tile. Given time, algae, moss, and pests will run free on the ceramic or concrete tiles. 

Removing algae growth is a problem, too. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. Professional roofers need safety equipment, careful training to walk on fragile tiles and the right mix of mechanical and chemical tools to combat the problem. 

Combating algae with pressure washing causes its own round of trouble:

  • Etched tiles
  • Degraded protective coatings
  • Increased tile porosity

The harsh chemicals needed to kill the algae runs off your roof and onto landscaping. It absorbs into the ground. It attacks the tiles themselves.

Kelly Roofing found a better, brighter solution for your roof.

Solving Your Algae Problem

Rather than resort to yet another round of harsh chemicals and high-pressure water, you can consider the Kelly Roofing Roof Rain cleaning solution:

  • Degreasing agent
  • 100% natural biocide
  • Soft wash
  • Sealant
  • Biannual maintenance

When you partner with Kelly Roofing to take care of your tile roof, you get our years of experience, our dedicated roofers, and our innovative products. Kelly Roofing uses Roof Rain, a 100 percent natural biocide made from oranges. It dislodges the algae and cleans off the black streaks — without harming your landscaping or the environment.

The professional roofers at Kelly Roofing use soft washing techniques (never pressurized water) to gently and patiently remove the algae, restore the luster of your tiles, and clean them thoroughly. Once the roof is completely dry, our Roof Rain sealant coat, also made from natural products, is applied to stop algae from regrowing. Mildly acidic, this coating prevents algae from finding a home on your home. 

Your roof will then have a 2-year warranty against regrowth of algae, and when the Roof Rain sealant starts wearing off at 2 years — biannually — Kelly Roofing’s crews revisit your home and reseal the tile roof.

This will effectively lengthen the lifespan of your tile roof, saving you time AND money. Plus, instead of having a clean, streak-free roof for a short time between cleanings, you will have a 100% clean roof all of the time!


Kelly Roofing is a local, dependable name you can trust in the Naples area. The owner is a third-generation roofer, committed to carrying on the family name with pride in its products and work. 

While we look to and respect our past, Kelly Roofing is always innovating, always seeking ways to bring better services to our customers. One such innovation is the Roofiversary program. 


When Naples-area homeowners turn to Kelly Roofing, they can tap into the total protection of the Roofiversary program. For tile roofs, this means:

  • Inspecting
  • Maintaining
  • Cleaning
  • Sealing

For the first time in history, one company can repair and maintain your tile roof and also clean and seal it! Our expert roofers develop a complete understanding of your roof: areas to watch for weaknesses, problem spots that require just a little extra effort. 

By investing in the Roofiversary program, you save money over time. No more unexpected repair bills, fewer issues with common tile roof problems:

  • Algae
  • Black streaks
  • Dislodged or damaged tiles
  • Water infiltration
  • Letters from your HOA telling you to clean your roof

Kelly Roofing is able to offer the cleaning and sealing and all the other innovations because we never rest on our accomplishments. We see a problem (algae growth) and find a better solution. 

One Stop

With Kelly Roofing attending to your tile roof, you get a one-stop-shop for complete roofing services. Contact Kelly Roofing today to tap into the power of our Roofiversary program and more!