Insurance Discounts through Mitigation Inspections

Wind insurance coverage is a necessity for home and business owners throughout Florida. Because past hurricanes have inflicted billions of dollars in property damage, wind damage coverage can account for up to 70 percent of the total cost of annual insurance coverage. The State of Florida now requires that insurance companies offer discounts or credits [...]

Stay Happy & Healthy – With Skylights!

Long before Edison’s 1879 invention of the electric light bulb, our ancestors rose with the sun and slept at dark. Our bodies are attuned to this rhythm, and crave daylight. A skylight or sun tunnel for your Naples home can do more than provide a little reading light—it can lower your electricity usage, decrease your carbon footprint, [...]

Brighten Your Fort Myers Home With Skylights

Have you ever wondered how to create a brighter and more appealing home environment for your family? By installing Velux skylights or sun tunnels to increase natural light, you can give any room in your Fort Myers home a more spacious and inviting appearance. What Do Skylights Add to Your Home? Filling the home with natural daylight offers [...]

A Radiant Barrier Means Cool Cash

Cape Coral’s near-tropical sun is beautiful and hot. This makes for wonderful tanning and beach weather, but is not so great for your air conditioning costs. One effective way to boost summer cooling energy efficiency is with a radiant barrier or adding insulation like AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In insulation which is professionally installed by a qualified roofer, like [...]

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