What You Need to Know about Wind and Your Tile Roof

Wind mitigation is a term every Florida homeowner should know. It describes the practice of specific building techniques designed to limit roof damage inflicted by high winds. Your insurance company uses this term when accessing your roof’s durability in the face of high winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

Wind Proof

A large majority of homes in Florida utilize Spanish tiles, typically made from ceramic, concrete or clay. While certainly beautiful, they are quite functional in the face of a subtropical climate, as well. While no roof is truly windproof, tile roofs are far superior to shingles when it comes to Florida storms. They are sturdier, last longer, and can manage sustained winds, as well as powerful wind gusts. Though tiles are heavier than shingles, their true advantage in wind resistance is due to their shape and construction, allowing wind freer travel, which greatly reduces stress. Tile roofs, when properly installed, can handle wind speeds exceeding 150 mph or greater.        

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies in Florida are required to offer homeowners discounts or credits on their insurance if their roofs pass wind mitigation inspections. To qualify for these discounts, your roof will have been constructed with storm damage-resistant techniques and materials, and meet current building codes. Because they are more suited to Florida weather than other roofing media, insurance companies favor homes with tile roofs. And if you have a hip roof, your insurance company will automatically knock off a certain percentage of wind coverage on your premium.        

Kelly Roofing

As a Florida homeowner, you know how bad the weather can get. You may have survived a tropical storm or hurricane before, and have seen the damage Category 5 winds can do to a roof. That’s why you know that investing a few extra dollars on a wind-resistant tile roof now will save you thousands in the long run. Hurricane season seems to get worse each year, and the savvy Florida homeowner will see to it his home is a prepared and formidable fortress. If this describes you, and you have roofing questions, concerns or needs, contact the professionals at Kelly Roofing.

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