Save By Using Roof to Wall Connection

Florida statute 690-170.07 was passed in October 2006 requiring home insurance companies to increase discounts for wind mitigation for homes with secure roof to wall connections. Masonry (concrete) walls are considered the best for this type of connection although different roof materials may be used.

The roof-to-wall connection is the best way to limit and possibly avoid hurricane wind damage in most parts of Florida. A roof will weigh 7 to 10 pounds per square foot (psf). It has to hold over the home in high winds that may have an up-lift load of 70 to 130 psf. The roof and walls have to be securely connected and anchored to the ground to keep the structure intact during hurricane force winds of 74 mph or more.

Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps in older homes must connect over every roof truss or rafter and attach to the wall plates between joist with at least three nails in the front and one in the back for maximum resistance. The three-nail system may tolerate up to 500 psf of uplift resistance. The rafters may each have two straps connected to the plates.

Hurricane straps are embedded directly into the top of the concrete walls in newer homes. The trusses or rafters will be set on the walls with a metal plate that serves as a moisture barrier for the wood. The straps will be wrapped over every rafter and secured directly to the walls.


The roof decking or sheathing is located under the roof tiles or shingles. The thickness of the deck and its attachment to masonry or wood walls will determine how it will hold up with high winds. If the overlaying roof is damaged, a secure decking will still protect your home.

Wind mitigation inspectors will check all connections and give you credit for properly secured decks and strapping. Any connections that are corroded must be replaced for wind mitigation credits. A roofing retrofit with roof to wall connection can save from 20% to 50% on your wind insurance.

The state requires a licensed contractor to install retrofits and new roofs to qualify for wind mitigation. Kelly Roofing is a licensed contractor who will keep your roof in compliance with insurance discount requirements.

Kelly Roofing uses only the best materials for roof to wall connections with top professional installation. Contact us for a free estimate.