How Much Energy Does the New Tesla Solar Roof Really Produce?

What are the benefits of adding a Tesla Solar Roof to your house? The overall data indicates that it’s saving homeowners money and providing them with a new, cleaner look for their homes. We wanted to be sure, so we tested it for ourselves. We have one year of actual data from one of our clients, and they love the results! Seeing so many satisfied customers expressing their satisfaction with Tesla Solar Roof and the energy savings has been exciting!

How Much Energy Does Tesla Solar Roof Really Produce?

Tesla’s new Solar Roof product has garnered a lot of attention. But with all the hype, we wanted to look at how much energy this product generates. To show that the calculation that was generated for how much energy a Tesla Solar Roof could produce was accurate, you’ll first need to know a few things about the type of roof on which it was installed.

We installed the Tesla Solar Roof in May 2022. The homeowner worked from home and wanted to offset their electric bill. It was also essential to have a reliable backup system to stay productive at home.

The Tesla Solar Roof was able to shine in this scenario! The roof is made up of photovoltaic (PV) tiles that look like regular roof tiles from the street, but inside each one is an integrated module containing power electronics, an inverter, and solar cells all in one unit.

House with new Tesla Solar Roof installed.

How Much Energy Will The Tesla Solar Roof Produce?

The Tesla Solar Roof comprises two parts: the solar tiles and the Powerwall battery system. Together, they can be used as an independent power source or as part of an existing solar setup.

Our client’s Tesla Solar Roof is producing 121.4 kWh/Day on average. It has produced a total of 39.47 megawatts for the year! Kelly Roofing recommended and installed 5 Powerwalls for battery backup. They have plenty of energy and a reliable backup system for working at home.

Can You Really Save Money With Tesla Solar Roofs?

The Tesla Solar Roof is a big step toward the future of solar energy. Tesla manufactures the panels to look like a normal roof, but they build them to last. The roof is made up of glass tiles that are embedded with solar cells. As you might guess, they’re more expensive than traditional panels. But if you’re looking for a way to save significant money on your electric bill or if you want to help the planet in some small way, then it’s worth it.

When considering Tesla Solar Roofs, you need to think of long-term investments. Yes, short-term benefits will come, but even more significant benefits come over time as you crunch the numbers. This particular customer is trending towards 1.1 million Kwh production throughout the 25-year warranty. That’s $203,500 in projected power savings over the roof’s lifetime! That’s not accounting for inflation nor the power being returned to the grid! The cost savings are enormous, and solar energy production makes a difference for the planet.

Who Can Install Tesla Solar Panels?

Tesla is tenacious regarding the quality of their Solar Panels and will only allow authorized installers to purchase and install Tesla Solar Roofs. Sure, other solar products are on the market, but nothing comes close to Tesla’s quality and attention to detail. Kelly Roofing is proud to be an authorized installer of Tesla Solar Roofs, Tesla Solar Panels, and Tesla Powerwalls.

Tesla Solar Roof Report

So Many Satisfied Customers

Tesla’s stated goal is to “accelerate the transition to sustainable energy by enabling more consumers to use clean energy.” And it’s been doing just that since 2016 when it first introduced its solar roof product line to homeowners looking for an alternative way to power their homes without having to bury any wires or cables in their yards. 

Now, more than ever, homeowners are finding value in installing solar roofs on their homes because they get the best of both worlds: they get clean energy and don’t have solar panels cluttering up their landscape! Our customers are incredibly satisfied with their new Tesla Solar Roofs. In fact, much of our business is coming through referrals.

Why Choose Kelly Roofing as Your Authorized Tesla Installer?

We are proud to be an authorized installer of roof tiles and solar panels from Tesla. Our team at Kelly Roofing consists of experienced professionals who have been in the roofing and solar industry for over 50 years. We will work with you to find an installation solution that meets your needs and budget. We also provide post-installation service, including warranty management and service agreements, for our customers’ peace of mind. Contact us today to get started!