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3 Benefits Of Having A Tesla Powerwall System

When we install a Tesla Solar Roof on a home, we also install a Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall isn’t required; occasionally a Tesla Solar Roof is installed without an accompanying Powerwall. However, we do highly recommend at least one Powerwall. 

Without a Tesla Powerwall, any excess electricity your Tesla Solar Roof generates is fed into the public power grid. On the other hand, if you have a Powerwall, it is filled with power before feeding excess electricity to the grid. It’s basically a power storage device, and having a Powerwall system makes your Tesla Solar Roof so much more useful. 

Here are three key benefits of installing a Powerwall alongside your Tesla Solar Roof.

1. Install a Smaller System

Without a Powerwall, you need a Tesla Solar Roof large enough to generate enough power to offset your own energy use during the day. Otherwise, you will use more energy from the grid than you feed into the grid. You’ll then get a bill from your electric company.

With a Tesla Powerwall, you can get away with a smaller, less costly Tesla Solar Roof system. The system has to be large enough to supply enough power to run your home by day and charge your Powerwall for night use.

2. Earn Money From Your Utility Company

Once your Tesla Powerwall is full, any additional electricity your Tesla Solar Roof generates will be fed into the power grid. The utility company will pay you for generating this electricity. Imagine how nice it will be to receive a check instead of a bill from your electric company every month! The money you earn can help offset the cost of installing a Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall.

3. Go Off-Grid

Not everyone who has a Tesla Powerwall chooses to go entirely off-grid. However, it is an option to consider, and it’s only an option if you have a Powerwall.

Going off-grid means disconnecting your home from the public utility. During the day, your Tesla Solar Roof will power your home directly. At night, the Powerwall will power your home. Plus, you will still have electricity when there is a public power outage.If you’re interested in learning more about the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall, contact Kelly Roofing in Florida. We’d be happy to provide you with an estimate or discuss additional benefits of these quality products from Tesla.