3 MORE Ways Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Better Than Solar Shingles

We’re often asked why Tesla Solar Roof tiles are better than solar shingles. The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, but we do need to clarify something before we answer it. Solar shingles are the same thing as solar tiles. The terms are interchangeable. The Tesla Solar Roof does consist of solar shingles or solar tiles — whichever term you prefer.

Additionally, Tesla is only company making this sort of roof. Other companies are manufacturing IPV, or Integrated Photovoltaic, which are sections of a roof. Tesla is the only company to create a complete BIPV (Built In Photovoltaic) roofing system. This aesthetically pleasing difference helps the Tesla Solar Roof stand apart from other brands.

Here are three more ways in which the Tesla Solar Roof stands out.

1. Class A Fire Rating

Solar tiles contain multiple electrical components. As such, it is imperative for the materials used to be fire-resistant. The Tesla Solar Roof has a Class A Fire Rating, the best fire rating available. It provides the safety and peace of mind you deserve as a homeowner. 

2. Top Talent and Innovation

The solar roof industry existed before Tesla decided to enter the market. When Tesla did start working on the Tesla Solar Roof, they were able to recruit top talent from other companies in the industry. With all of these experienced engineers and other professionals working for them, Tesla created a superior product. In fact, other manufacturers were set back years because so much of their talent left to work for Tesla.

Tesla does not rest on their laurels, either. They continue to innovate, continually improving their products. This includes pushing updates to already installed systems via the internet, the same way they do with their Tesla vehicles. This keeps your system up-to-date and continually improving.

3. A 25-Year Guarantee

It’s standard in the solar roofing industry to issue a 10-year guarantee on products. Tesla blows this standard guarantee out of the water. They instead offer a 25-year warranty on the Tesla Solar Roof. Knowing you’re financially covered if anything goes wrong with your solar roof provides lots of peace of mind. Tesla proudly standing behind their product says a lot about the quality of their product, too.

Is the Tesla Solar Roof the best solar product on the market? We think so, and we’re confident you’ll agree. Contact Kelly Roofing, a Tesla Certified Installer, to schedule an estimate or learn more about these products.