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5 V Crimp Metal Roof Replacement in Naples

Michael B. contacted Kelly Roofing when it was time to replace the roof of his Naples home. After removing the old roofing materials and making any needed repairs to the roof decking, a Polyglass TU Plus self-adhered modified rubber metal underlayment was applied to the entire roof area as a secondary water barrier. Two new VELUX hurricane approved, leak proof skylights were also installed over existing openings.

Topping it all was a new 5 “V” Crimp metal roof system, coated in Kynar 500 – Nevada Silver, fastened with self-sealing Woodzac EPDM Neoprene screws. Kynar 500 comes in a variety of colors so Michael was able to choose the one that compliment his home. The Kynar coating is great for a metal roof on Naples homes because it is heat resistant and has low thermal conductivity so even on the hottest days Michael doesn’t have to be concerned about the sun baking his roof. It also has high corrosion resistance as a final layer of protection for years to come.