Basic Tips to Budget for Tile Roof Repairs

Discovering that it’s time for tile roof repair can be frustrating, especially if you haven’t had a chance to budget for it. Here are a few basic tips about tile roofing to help you know what’s involved – and how to fit this home repair into your budget.

1: Pinpoint Leak Locations

Finding the location of a roof leak can be challenging with a tile roof. Professional contractors troubleshoot by checking for cracked or damaged tiles and areas that require flashing.

When the cause of the leak is found, a thorough repair plan can be made. Until then, the scope (and price tag) of a repair is uncertain.

2: Scheduling Repairs

Emergency roof repairs may have to be scheduled within an abnormally short timeframe.  However, if you notice cracked or missing tiles right away, you may be able to schedule a repair a week or two out, giving you time to allocate a certain amount for the cost of repairs.

3: Keeping a Quality Roof

If a tile roof has been properly installed with a reputable roofer, the chances of expensive repairs are greatly decreased. If you are unsure, scheduling a professional roof inspection may be a great investment that can pinpoint problem areas or projected maintenance and repairs before it escalates into roof leaks and rotten roofing.

Always stay on top of missing or cracked tiles by having them replaced by a professional contractor as soon as possible. This will minimize the overall cost of repairs and maintenance throughout the lifespan of your roof.

4: Understand the Importance of Flashing

Tile roofs are not watertight; rather, their overlapping construction is designed to shed water atop the tiles from the peak to the eaves.  However, more intricate roof designs that contain valleys may permit the waterflow to seep between the tiles.  In these cases, it is important to maintain proper flashing – and the top flashing that is integral to tile roofs.

If your flashing was not properly installed – or is damaged/deteriorated, the cost of new, improved flashing will fit into a budget far better than damage control after a roof leak.

5: Repair Vs Replacement

Tile roofing can last many, many decades – but nothing lasts forever.  If your roof is nearing the end of its life and requires repairs, it is worth consulting with a roof repair contractor to determine whether this investment is worth while.  Sometimes, a full replacement is the best use of a homeowner’s finances.

After all, will the few hundred dollars you invest in repairs now be worth it if you are tearing it all off within the next five years?

Knowledge & Experience

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