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Benefits of Cleaning & Restoring Your Tile Roof

Tile Roof Restoration
Tile Roof Restoration

The tile roof is an extremely popular and beautiful choice for homeowners throughout Florida.  A tile roof is designed for long term performance and durability.  With proper maintenance, cleaning, and restoration, it can outlast any other roofing product.

Cleaning is Necessary

There are many benefits to regular cleaning of your tile roof.  Whether your tiles are composed of clay or concrete, a regular cleaning will prevent the buildup of dirt and debris from affecting the tiles. It will also prevent the growth of moss and mildew. Left unchecked, an excess of unwanted organic matter on your roof will hold and collect moisture which can eventually block your gutters and cause your roofing system to support unnecessary weight.

Unfortunately, for many homeowners it is more beneficial to leave the unsightly moss and algae on the roof. Regular pressure washing can do more harm than good on a tile roof. Along with washing away the dirt, it can also cause pitting and damage to the tiles, making them susceptible to damage and even more moss and algae growth. If the person cleaning your roof isn’t a professional roofer, they may be unfamiliar with the nuances of working with clay or concrete tiles.

Tiles can be sensitive and foot traffic will often cause them to crack. Make sure you have someone up there who knows what they are doing and can fix a problem if it occurs. Aside from the dirt and debris, there may be other issues with your tile roof: faulty underlayment, missing top flashing, and other problems that a professional roofer can identify before they become a serious problem.

Benefits of Restoration

Tiles can fade over time, but with regular cleaning and restoration, these effects can be slowed. Because of limited time in the roof tile manufacturing process for curing the sealer, most tiles are hardly sealed. Restoration options can preserve the freshness of your roof.

Hydro-Sheen Tile Roof Glaze

Hydro-Sheen Tile Roof Glaze can restore your tile roof to its original beauty. It is used for sealing and coloring roof tiles, point up, and flashing.

Hydro-Sheen is able to match all tile roof manufacturers color option, with custom colors available upon request. Hydro-Sheen helps trap efflorescence and assists in preventing algae growth. While not designed to stop roof leaks, the tile glaze will prevent water from penetrating the roof tile.

This is a great option for those whose homes boast of an expensive tile roof that has simply lost its initial lustre.

Are You Ready for a Beautiful Roof?

Kelly Roofing, serving Naples and the surrounding area, has specialized in tile roof services for many years. We invest in the top cleaning and restoration products available for our customers. Contact Kelly Roofing to learn about the options available to transform your roof.

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Original article published on November 4, 2013.
Information updated June 8, 2015.