How To Check Your New Roofing Permit Status

We can’t stress enough how important it is that homeowners throughout the Naples, FL, area work with a reputable roofer when it comes to replacing or installing their roof. Not only does the quality of the materials used and the quality of the installation itself depend on the work a roofer does, but you’ll want to make sure your roof will pass inspection as well. There are local building codes which must be met when you have a new roof installed, after all.

It’s important your roof is up to code to ensure the safety of not only everyone living on your property, but also for the homes located nearby. For example, a roof that does not pass inspection may be poorly installed, meaning it may be more likely to rip off during hurricane-force winds, which could pose a serious injury threat to people nearby.

Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners fail their roof inspections because they’ve hired out-of-town roofers who are not familiar with local building codes. It isn’t just a safety issue either–if your roof isn’t up to code, it means you will have to pay more money to another roofer to fix the problems and to bring it up to code.

As such, it’s vital to hire a roofer who is familiar with the local building codes and knows when a permit is required to perform roofing repairs or replacement. Don’t trust a roofer who tells you a permit isn’t necessary if they are doing major work on your roof.

Additionally, you should make sure you get a final inspection certification from the municipality. If you don’t you’ll end up having to pay for an engineer to certify your roof installation, which will typically run you about $500 and could prevent you from being able to work on your home or sell it.

If you’re planning work on your roof, make sure you check your local municipality to find out whether work permits are needed. Here at Kelly Roofing, we are extremely familiar with local building codes. In fact, we are stepping up to help many homeowners to bring their roofs up to code due to poor quality work done by previous roofers. Call us today to see how we can help with your roofing needs.

Local Municipality Websites:

Collier County – New Site

Collier County – Old Site

City of Marco Island

City of Naples – (Requires Log-in Credentials to search)

Lee County

City of Bonita

City of Estero

City of Fort Myers

Cape Coral

Everglades City – Must call in an order

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