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Insurance Deductible and Upgrades for Your Roof

If you have an older roofing system and it will need to be repaired or replaced as a result of a natural disaster, know that you can upgrade your roofing system.

Can I change my roof type after a storm using insurance money?

You are required to make the necessary repairs to your roof as described in the settlement agreement; either repair or replacement.  If you would like to upgrade your roof to another roof system, it’s perfectly acceptable to use the insurance money to do so as long as you pay for the deductible and upgrade.

Can I add upgrades to my roof with the insurance money?

As long as you do what the insurance money provides for, you can use the difference for upgrades.  Just make sure you do what the insurance proceeds are intended for at a minimum. If you are given funds to replace the roof, you must replace the roof.  Don’t take the money and sell the house.

Is it illegal for the roofer to cover my deductible?

As the insured, you are required to pay the deductible.  A roofer who offers to cover your deductible is cutting corners somewhere and likely not in your best interest.

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