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Why You Don’t Have To Settle For A No-Name Roofer

We understand that working through the insurance process after your roof has been damaged in a storm can mean a lot of paperwork and communication between your insurance provider, and a roofing contractor.

Are all roofers paid the same on my insurance claim?

Yes, all roofers are paid the same on insurance claims. The entire industry follows a third party pricing system called Xactimate.  Pick the best roofer for the same price as the worst roofer.

Should I accept my insurance settlement?

You should accept your insurance settlement as long as it is enough to cover all the damages, minus the deductible.  In most cases, the up front settlement does not cover everything and is either left to negotiate or payout in the end through a process called supplement.

Who is the best roofer near me?

Kelly Roofing has been ranked as one of the top 100 roofing contractors in America since 2003.  We have been in the Southwest Florida area helping you since 1972.

Discover how much insurance should be paying you. Contact Kelly Roofing today to walk through this process. 

*The statements on this page are personal interpretations and opinions from limited experience and legal advice provided to Kelly Roofing and/or Kelly Roofing’s clients and are not to be used as legal guidance.  Kelly Roofing is not qualified or licensed to provide insurance advice, discuss claim information, act as a public adjuster or provide legal representation.