The Engineer: An Estero Roofer’s Best Friend

A roof is the ultimate protection for your home. It is the cap on your housing structure that keeps the walls, ceiling, and your assets from being exposed to the elements. Most homeowners, however, are unaware of the skill and accuracy it takes to construct a quality roof that is proper for the structure it protects. Although roofing contractors are generally sought after to answer all a homeowner’s questions about solving their roofing problems, there is one other professional that is considered a “roofers best friend.” 

Engineer: a Friend in the Roofing Industry

Our team at Kelly Roofing has been in the roofing business for over 30 years. Although we are confident in our roofing expertise, we add engineers to our team when working on the more involved roofing projects. A good engineer is invaluable when it comes to determining structural damage, weight capacity, and roof line changes or additions.

Some of the ways we utilize an engineer:

Roof leaks:

If your roof has sprung a major leak – or one that has been going on for a while – an engineer is brought in to examine the extent of structural damage present. He (or she) will check your home or commercial property thoroughly to assess whether the new roof can replace the old one completely and that there is no structural damage.

The engineer determines whether the existing structure has the ability to support a change or increase in load. This check is required by the Florida Building Code as well as the Florida Existing Building Code.

Flat Roofs:

Flat roofing requires an engineer to help with the design to take into account the possibility of ponding. (Ponding occurs when the roof is built with an improper or non-existent slope, enabling water to collect and damage the roofing system.)  If ponding is allowed to continue, it can lead to massive amounts of damage, even a collapse. Having a structural engineer on the roofing team helps homeowners and business owners alike to make the right choices.

Estero Roofers: The Kelly Advantage

We are proud to say that we commit to work with a team of highly qualified and experienced structural engineers who are the best in their field.  They are able to visit your property to assess a roof upgrade or a problematic roof repair.

If you are looking for quality, reliable, local Estero roofer, your search ends with Kelly Roofing.  Contact our team for more information on the roofing needs for your home or business.

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