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Extending the Life of Your Tile Roof with Proper Maintenance

The tile roof on your Cape Coral home represents a sizable investment for your valuable property. To extend the life of your tile roof, it is imperative that you have proper routine maintenance checks. Here are some things a homeowner can check for:

Moss, Mildew, Algae

Picture 571The humidity in the Cape Coral region is conducive to the accumulation of moss, mildew, and algae. These conditions can lead to unsightly conditions on your rooftop. Keeping the tiles clean should help prevent the growth of this vegetative matter. However, if growth does occur, you should find a qualified roofing company like Kelly Roofing  to remove the material.

Cleaning should be done by a professional with a high-pressure cleaner to remove debris. Our experts will take care to spray so as to not damage the tiles. It is highly recommended after cleaning that the roof is coated with a clear alkyd primer followed up a coating of clear acrylic sealer to maintain the appearance of the roof while protecting it from the elements.


One thing you should not get alarmed over is seeing a chalky, white substance on your tile roof. This is a common condition with a concrete roof due to its composition. A chemical reaction occurs when water is present on the roof surface due to the lime products used in their manufacture. This will eventually go away on its own from a carbon dioxide process and rainwater.

Cracked or Broken Tiles

3-1-03 TO 3-11-03 023Look for broken tiles or issues with other parts of the roof. If you need to go up on your roof to check it over, exercise extreme caution for your safety and the tiles, also. Do not walk on your tile roof unless it is absolutely necessary.

Like any other quality component of your home you want to keep your roof properly maintained, which is why you should have a quality roofing company in the Cape Coral area inspect your tile roof every two years. A professional contractor such as ours will be able to advise what needs to be repaired, cleaned or replaced.

At Kelly roofing, we believe in “going-green” which is why we use quality Boral concrete tile roofing. Kelly Roofing and Boral Roofing USA provides continuing education for existing and new employees to ensure all roofs are installed to manufacturers and industry standards.

We take pride in being a quality roofing company dedicated to helping homeowners maintain the longevity of their Cape Coral homes. For more information about your tile roof maintenance, contact Kelly Roofing. We have proudly served our community for over 30 years.

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