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Beautify the Exterior of Your Home with Natural Products

Our surroundings play an essential role in our health and well-being. The natural beauty of water and sky and the lush, fertile vistas of Estero transport us into moments of simple enjoyment and tranquility.

Naturally, we want our homes to also represent a place of peaceful repose and welcome.  It’s not always easy to know when and where to start, but with a little judicious selection, adding intrinsic beauty to your property with natural elements may be easier than you think.

Bringing the Splendor and Harmony of Nature to Your Front Door

The materials available for construction have changed considerably in the past few decades. As environmental awareness has increased, so also has the demand for natural products and more energy-efficient materials. Siding is available in any color or tone that suits your aesthetic taste.  Roofing, especially tile roofing, is often made with the ecosystem in mind.

Created from natural clay or concrete, tile roofing offers a natural tone that simply cannot be surpassed:

Natural materials easily lend themselves to color, so you can custom-design a hue that complements your landscape

The distinct roof pattern creates a distinctive, nostalgic impression of affluent haciendas and rustic homesteads alike, lending to an almost historic feel.

Any design you choose can enhance your outdoor improvements.  Find resources local to Estero to complete your exterior renovation:

Local stone can be used to create retaining walls, partitions, or walkways, and situated to orchestrate movement in your exterior landscape.

Native plants will thrive, and they further enhance the illusion that your home is a natural part of the surrounding environment.

Keeping it Green

Natural products used to beautify your home offer all sorts of green benefits:

Energy-efficient and recycled materials provide superior R-values in roofing insulation.

Trees and shrubs provide shade that helps keep your house cooler in the summer.

Less energy consumption means lower utility bills and carbon footprints.

tile roofingProperty owners in Estero, Florida who would like to achieve balance with modern convenience and natural beauty can find what they’re looking for in exterior upgrades that harmonize with their surroundings. From native plants to tile roofing, the beautiful and traditional supplies available can add superior appeal as well as ample protection from the elements.

If you would like more information on the practical benefits attached to installing a tile roof on your Estero home, contact Kelly Roofing today.

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