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Hidden Hurricane Damage: How To Get Your Roof Replaced By Insurance If It Was Only Repaired!

An insurance adjuster evaluated the roof damage from a recent storm and determined that your property’s roof only needed repairs, not replacement. Now, the summer storm season is here, and you realize you need a total roof replacement. In some cases, a complete roof replacement is necessary even after an insurance company has declared a partial loss. So, how can you get your roof replaced by insurance if it was only repaired? We’ll answer that question in this article.

Insurance Paid For Roof Repair

Florida is known for having the highest insurance policies in the country. Homeowners expect the insurance company to step up and pay for the repairs or total roof replacement after the storm. You believed the inspection report from the adjuster and had the repairs done by a contractor. However, insurance companies got away with saying they only needed a repair but likely would have qualified for replacement.

Home with Blue Tarp from Hurricaine Damage

Summer Rains Exposing Hidden Hurricane Damage

It’s important to know that hidden hurricane damage is most common in the attic. When the summer rains hit, it can cause water to seep through cracks in your roof and reveal these hidden problems.

After a major storm, insurance companies often repair damaged roofs instead of replacing them so they can save money on paying out claims. However, this is not a permanent solution- the damage will eventually resurface as soon as another hurricane or heavy

rainstorm hits your area! If an insurer has previously denied you because they say repairs are sufficient, there may still be hope for getting them to pay for a roof replacement. Keep in mind that you have ONE year from the date of the storm to submit your claim to insurance! Homeowners would need to reopen the claim and call Kelly Roofing for a Free Inspection.

New Roofs Throughout The Neighborhood

Keep an eye on the neighborhood. If you noticed your neighbors getting new roofs, it’s a good indication that insurance companies are offering to replace roofs. This may be because hurricanes or other weather events have damaged their roof more than yours. It could also mean your roof should’ve been replaced instead of repaired. If this is the case with your home, then it’s time for you to call them and ask if them to reopen your claim.

When You Find Hidden Damages

If you suspect that your roof may have sustained hidden damage, it is important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Insurance companies are legally required to inspect homes damaged by hurricanes and other severe weather events. However, these inspections only happen after a storm has passed, and there’s no way for them to know if any hidden damage occurred before they arrived at the scene (unless you tell them).

Suppose your insurance company discovers that there is indeed hidden damage on top of what they already covered with their initial payment. In that case, the insurance company can authorize the payment of a new roof.

If Insurance Denies Your Roof Replacement Claim

However, what should you do if they deny your claim? The following are some suggestions on what you can do if your insurance company will not pay for your roof damage claim:

1. Contact the Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company and ask them to reconsider their decision. Be prepared to provide documentation of the damage, including photos. If you have a claim representative, speak with them first about why the replacement should be covered. You can also call the claims department directly if you have already talked with a representative and he has not been able to help you – sometimes, it is easier to speak with someone in a different department.

2. Get an Independent Inspection

If you feel that the insurance company has not adequately investigated your claim, get an independent inspection done by someone not associated with your insurance company or contractor. This person should be able to tell whether or not there is any structural damage and if it would require a complete replacement of the roofing material or just some repairs. 

Rain coming down on a tile roof in Florida.

Remember that this inspector may come back with his own opinion regarding whether or not your roof will need replacing, but that his opinion is only based on what he sees when he goes onto your property. There may be other factors involved that were not visible during his inspection (such as hidden water damage).

3. File a Complaint With MyFloridaCFO

If you aren’t getting anywhere with your insurance company, contact MyFloridaCFO and file a complaint. They may be able to help resolve the situation or refer you to someone who can help. Another helpful resource is the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR). They have tons of hurricane-related information that can be helpful.

Contact Kelly Roofing

The last thing you want to do is let your roof get damaged again. It’s important to take action as soon as possible to protect your home’s structure from future storms. If you need a roofing contractor in Florida, contact Kelly Roofing today! With over 50 years of experience, we know the best methods for Florida’s unique climate. Get a Free Roof Inspection with us and we can also help to reopen your claim.