Home Insurance Discount for Florida Building Code Compliance

Your summer beach reading probably does not include Chapter 627 of the 2016 Florida Statutes, but you can still benefit from it. This chapter of state law provides home insurance discounts for homes built after March 1, 2002, or for roofs installed after that date, that are in compliance with the 2002 Florida Building Code.


If your Florida home predates 2002 but you had a new roof installed after March 1, 2002, you may be eligible for the homeowners’ insurance discount, if the roof was installed in compliance with specific hurricane damage mitigation strategies:

  • Roof covering
  • Roof deck attachment
  • Roof to wall connection
  • Roof geometry
  • Secondary water resistance (SWR) or sealed roof deck (SRD)

If your home was professionally constructed, inspected, and permitted after the all-important March 1, 2002, date, you probably already receive the Building Code Compliance discount, but certainly check with your insurance agent to make sure.

Roof Inspection

Before you consider checking out the various elements that can earn you a discount by performing your own roof inspection, consider your personal safety. Do not risk a stint in the hospital by climbing onto your own roof! Ask for a professional roof inspection by our trained technicians. They have the safety equipment and know-how to navigate any roof correctly and can check such details as:

  • Attachment method between sheathing and rafter—Can you tell the difference between an 8d ring shank nail and a 6D smooth shank nail? The first type complies with Code; the other does not earn you the discount
  • Rafter-to-wall attachment—Do you know the difference between toe-nailing and a three-nailed hurricane strap?
  • SWR—Secondary water resistance involves the underlayment, which must be a continuous, self-adhesive roll; wide, self-adhering roof tape; or sprayed foam hurricane adhesive (not insulation) applied to the underside of the sheathing

Is Your House Hip?

This bit of roof inspection keeps your feet on the ground. Stand at the curb of your property to determine if your home has a hip roof or not; you will not see any gables and all your roof sections will look like little pyramids. This means your house has the right roof geometry to qualify for a discount.

Picky, Picky!

Eligibility for the insurance credit varies by county based on local building codes. Talk to your insurance company and your courteous, professional roofer to get the largest discount you can. Contact Kelly Roofing today!