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Identify Invisible Tile Roof Damage

Tiles are extremely durable. During severe storms, they are a tough cookie to crack.

However, tiles are not impervious to being lifted from high winds, and set back down in their original position. They may also shift.

Learn how this compromises the functionality of your roof and how Kelly Roofing contractors spot hidden storm damage:

Do shifted tiles need to be replaced?

Shifted tiles need to be replaced because it has likely caused the fastening system to shift as well.

Fastening system shifting could crack the roof underlayment or leave holes that may result in a leak.

How much of my tile roof needs to be damaged before it must be replaced?

The Florida Building Code requires any repair covering more than 25% of the total roof surface to be replaced.  If more than 25% of the tile roof is damaged a full replacement would be code mandated and covered under insurance.

What is the 25% rule in roofing?

The 25% rule in roofing is the amount of repair allowed during a one year timeframe before replacement is required.  Not more than 25% of the roof can be repaired in any 12 month period unless the entire roof is replaced.

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