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Kelly Roofing Helps Florida Homeowners Improve Their Roofs To Save On Insurance

Naples, FL – Florida homeowners insurance rates are on the rise, but there are ways to reduce your rates. Kelly Roofing can help Florida homeowners and business owners improve their roofs to prepare for hurricane season and qualify for insurance discounts in this era of high inflation.

Over the past decade, insurance companies have been pulling out of Florida, and those who remain are raising rates significantly. “We have some customers who have quoted us that their insurance rates are almost doubling,” said Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing. These increases come just before hurricane season, a time when it’s vital for Florida property owners to have insurance coverage.

While the situation may seem bleak, Florida residents are not powerless against insurance increases. Homeowners and business owners who demonstrate their buildings are at a lower risk for wind damage qualify for insurance discounts under the Florida Mitigation Windstorm Affidavit. This legislation lists 7 areas where building owners can demonstrate a reduced risk of wind damage, and 4 of those areas are related to the roof. Kelly Roofing is stepping up to help Florida residents make the roofing updates necessary to qualify for insurance discounts.

Residents are advised to discuss insurance rates and coverage with their insurance representative. However, Kelly Roofing is well-equipped to make changes to homes in line with the insurers’ recommendations. If your roof is older, the best option may be to simply replace it. “Just by replacing your roof and bringing it up to code, you get four of the seven major discounts,” Kelly said. He recommends metal roofs, in most cases, since insurance companies recognize metal’s high wind resistance and grant customers lower rates. Existing roofs can sometimes be modified with hurricane clips to improve wind resistance and qualify for discounts.

Insurance companies are serious about increasing rates, but Kelly Roofing is just as serious about helping residents qualify for insurance discounts. The company recently renewed its TRI High Wind Certification, proving they remain at the forefront of wind mitigation strategies. In Ken Kelly’s own words, “Very few go to the next step of earning this certification, and it’s specific to Florida only.”

To learn more about hardening homes against wind damage, call Kelly Roofing at 239-228-3276, or email the company directly at Ken Kelly recently appeared on WINK News talking about how Florida homeowners can save on their insurance, which you can read and view here. You can also read the latest blog on this topic at

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