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Invite Prospective Customers to Stop By

Joe Kelly got this reaction last week after responding to a phone call after Kelly Roofing did some work.


Many thanks for your prompt reply to my telephone message yesterday. Eddie did reply with the details needed to help one of our new owners with a mortgage-company demand to provide wind-mitigation data.

As I mentioned in my phone message, we’re all happy with the completed roof project and extend our thanks and kudos to thte Kelly clan for a superb job We have had many compliments from our friends and neighbors who admire the “new look”.

Anytime you fee that we can endorse Kelly Roofing’s work to a prospective customer, please invite them to drive by, even stop by for a closer look at your work on our condo. John B. and I (or other residents) would be happy to praise the work you have done for us. Count us among your satisfied clients.

Thanks again, Joe, for a job well done!

Tom Walsh

Wow! Thanks Tom for your support.
If you want to check out the work we did for Tom, John, and the other residents talk to Joe or one of the other Kelly team members to find out more.