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Kelly Earns Elite Contractor & President’s Club Awards

Kelly Roofing is proud to have earned Duro-Last’s prestigious “Elite Contractor Award” and “President’s Club Award” for 2013.


These awards are part of Duro Last’s effort to recognize their highest quality roofing contractors. Duro Last roofing materials lead the way in quality commercial roofing materials, but the company realizes that even the best materials in the world are dependent upon the quality of workmanship by the roofing contractors their products.

The “Elite Contractor Award” represents the Kelly Roofing commitment to quality, dedication to detail conscious workmanship, and fulfillment of all of Duro Last’s Elite Contractor program requirements. The “President’s Club Excellence Award” is in recognition for outstanding installation and quality.

Talk to an award-winning Kelly Roofing professional today to learn about quality Duro-Last low slope, commerical roofing options for your business structure.