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Kelly Roofing Featured for Business Solution Success

Roofing and building construction are some of humanity’s oldest skills. Many people may not consider the advanced technology these industries use. At Kelly Roofing, we embrace technology, but not for technology’s sake. We are always striving to increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve customer service. A recent case study by Resco, a mobile software company, demonstrates our commitment to you, our customers in the Naples area.

Increasing Efficiency

Kelly Roofing is one of America’s Top 100 Roofing Contractors. This means we are more than a guy in a beat-up truck. We routinely have 18 roofing crews out servicing the roofs of our friends and neighbors in and around Naples.

Each roofing crew requires not only the installers on the roof but also an on-site supervisor plus an administrator and dispatcher in the office. Keeping everyone informed about each project is a daunting task. Kelly Roofing turned to Resco to increase efficiency, improve communication between employees and with customers, and respond quickly to work orders in the field.

By using this mobile software you, our customers, receive the benefits of our increased efficiency.

Reducing Waste

Kelly Roofing is very proud to be a “green” roofer. This means not only recycling roofing waste, but also minimizing resource consumption. Using Resco’s innovative mobile software, we cut down fuel consumption for our fleet of roofing trucks. We can dispatch crews using the shortest routes, and crews can move from one work site to another without having to return to our offices for new assignments.

We recycle about 90 percent of the debris we tear off when reroofing homes and businesses. Between recycling and better use of resources, we are actively reducing waste and protecting our environment.

Improving Customer Service

The best benefit, for Kelly Roofing, with Resco’s modern technology, is our ever-improving customer service. You, our residential and business customers, get faster service, more efficient roofing crews, and complete communication with our on-site supervisors.

Customer service in roofing means getting the job done correctly, on time, when we said we would do it. The new mobile software from Resco allows Kelly Roofing to:

  • Increase on-time delivery
  • Improve productivity
  • Capture photos and document all work
  • Get customer signatures right on the mobile devices

While roofing itself may seem a brute-force business, at Kelly Roofing our dedication to customer service helps us choose modern technology to help our customers. Contact Kelly Roofing today to learn more.

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