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New Technology Advancements for Roofing Contractors

Much of the daily work for a professional roofing contractor of Kelly Roofing’s caliber requires both heavy labor and acute attention to detail. Today, though, we also utilize the latest technology in our work to bring Florida homeowners and business owners the finest roofing service. Ken Kelly, president of Kelly Roofing, was recently interviewed as part of a forum on technology in roofing. Here are a few highlights of our experience and Ken’s observations.


“Smartphones are absolutely critical,” Ken notes. “Customers expect immediate response and are starting to prefer digital forms of communication over calls because of their convenience.” Technology developers are noting the potential involved with integrated products, as well. “With the release of Windows 10, smartphones are full computers,” said Kelly. “Those who adopt early technologies have a distinct advantage over their competition.”

Social Media

Kelly Roofing has developed and maintains a strong presence within social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.  This connectivity is intentional and our interactions are taken seriously. “The idea of social [media] is to communicate with the community, promote company culture and share insights into the ‘why’ behind your brand,” said Kelly.

Each platform has its own facet of Kelly Roofing’s success, says Kelly.  “[We] don’t post the same thing to all sites. Think about the platform, why members are there and tailor posts in a way that provides valuable contribution to that platform’s users,” he explained. “Don’t share business-related items on Facebook. Don’t get too touchy feely on LinkedIn. Do make fun, entertaining videos for YouTube.”

Knowing where your clients are and how to start a valuable conversation is an invaluable asset to helping them out.


Staying ahead of technology and the competition means recognizing the ebb as well as the flow. “Apps are on the fading side of the bell curve,” Kelly said. “The idea of apps is to provide a singular purpose in an easy- to-use manner. With the majority of the population now adept at technology, more sophisticated applications are required.”

Ken predicted the next wave of apps for any roofing contractor will embed the easy application of smartphone technology with with greater capacity and compatibility with other devices, such as tablets.

“[A roofing contractor is] now seeking applications that can access fully functioning internal software,” Kelly explained. “When on a phone, the layout is obviously much different as applications will need to be written to “respond” to the smaller form factor. But they will be able to access all of the full capabilities of the software, unlike today’s apps.”

Stay up to date – with a good roofing contractor

Keeping up to date with technology has become a “must” for efficient customer service.  Stay up to date with your roofing projects by working with the roofing contractors at Kelly Roofing. Contact us for more information.