How To Be The Neighborhood Trendsetter With A Tesla Solar Roof

Are you looking for a home upgrade to simplify your life and impress the neighbors? A Tesla Solar Roof is perfect for you. With Kelly Roofing, you can become a neighborhood trendsetter with a new Tesla Solar Roof. And you can do it right now! […]


Tesla Solar Roofs: Behind The Scenes With Kelly Roofing

Solar energy has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Homeowners are seeking out solar roofing options to generate their own power. Tesla Solar Roofs are an amazing option to harness the power of solar for your home. We are excited to be one of the first Tesla Certified Installers so our customers can [...]


Tesla Solar Roof & Your Electric Bill: What You Need To Know

Tesla Solar Roofs give you the option of generating green, eco-friendly electricity for your own home. But will you still have an electric bill with a Tesla Solar Roof? The short answer is you can… but you don’t need to. Let’s dig a little deeper. […]


Walking On Tesla Solar Roofs: Why You Can But Shouldn’t

Roofing contractors typically walk on a roof in the course of making repairs or replacing part of the roof. They can walk on tile, shingles, and metal roofs — but can you walk on Tesla Solar Roofs? The short answer is you can…but you shouldn’t. Here’s a closer look. […]


Roof Cleaning: 3 Reasons Why It Is Absolutely Necessary

Over time, you may notice streaks begin to form on your tile roof. Maybe these streaks don’t initially bother you — they can be pretty faint at first. Even if the streaks don’t make you cringe, they are a sure sign your tile roof needs cleaning. A lack of cleaning does not only result in [...]


The Best Way To Keep Your Tile Roof Clean

A clean roof adds curb appeal and puts a polish on the crowning jewel of your home. With expert cleaning, your roof can sparkle with a clean, algae-free roof. Traditionally, many homeowners hire regular cleaners who use harsh chemicals and pressure washers to clean algae from tile roofs. While these solutions can remove algae, they [...]


How To Avoid The Pressure & Damage Of Roof Cleaners

Tile roofs perform much better under harsh climatic conditions than many other roofing materials. They are highly resistant to damage caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, and other weather extremes. Roof tiles are also fireproof and carry a class-A rating. However, algae and bacteria create black streaks on your tile roof, ruining its curb appeal. […]

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