Racoons In Your Roof?

kelly_raccoon_in_eavesIf you’re wondering if raccoons have taken up residence in your roof or attic, you’ve probably heard or smelled something to cause you to be suspicious. All doubt, however, will soon disappear once the raccoons have established themselves and you’ve had your roof, eaves and soffits inspected. When these clever, canny creatures invade your attic through holes or gaps in your roof, they make their presence known in a number of unpleasant ways. Raccoons are incredibly adaptive animals that prefer to live in the wild, but, as wily opportunists, they occupy urban and suburban areas with ease and care nothing about destroying your home ensuring you will need your roof repaired during nesting season, or when the weather turns inclement.

Telltale Signs of Raccoons in Your South Florida Roof or Attic

Become a raccoon detective to determine if these masked bandits are living under your roof and check for the following evidence:

  • Scampering sounds on your roof that take place around the same time every evening
  • Thumping, chattering, whining or rustling sounds in your attic
  • A hole in the roof
  • Torn, chewed shingles
  • Missing or askew vent covers

Raccoons aren’t subtle when it comes to home-invasion; all they need is a hole in a roof the size of their heads and they’re in. Like other roof-invading animals (rats, mice, snakes, squirrels, bats and pigeons), a raccoon only needs one entry point that it can squeeze its way through in order to settle under your cozy roof for the winter or to protect its young. Regular roof maintenance is a must to deter these animals. Raccoons boldly chew their way through worn shingles, knock vent covers askew or remove them completely with their dexterous front paws. They can also slip through gaps where roof and eaves meet. Their agility and determination will ensure that your Naples home will be in need roof repairs.

What To Do

Once you or a professional has determined that raccoon are living under your roof, take fast action. Female raccoons look for safe havens where they can comfortably raise their kits. Confronting a potential rabies-carrying raccoon isn’t a job you should tackle yourself. In addition, any holes or gaps in your roof need immediate attention.

Fortunately, Kelly Roofing specializes in roof repair in Naples, FL and has had experience with raccoon roof invasions. Contact Kelly Roofing — a family run company with over 30 years of experience — to schedule a roof inspection. Roof repair in Naples, FL and ridding your attic or roof of unwanted animals has never been easier.