Solar Reflecting for Flat Roofing

Recently, Florida has released new commercial building codes for solar reflectance on flat roofs. Developed by the ICC, or the International Code Council, these I-Codes are released every 3 years and are made up of 16 model codes. While the International Energy Conservation Code regulates the energy efficiency required for each state, as they can acknowledge and utilize the requirements, the state can also add anything they believe is essential depending on their location.

Existing Requirements

The existing requirements for commercially owned flat roofs requires a solar reflective index of 64, meaning that more of the sun’s heat is required to reflect instead of absorb than previously required. The lighter color of the roof means a higher index number.

A second code for commercial flat roofs requires a resistance attic or roof-top insulation R-value of 38. The R-value of insulation is the amount and ability of the insulation material to resist temperature. A higher R-value equals energy savings and better insulation.

How to Apply This To Your Roof

Similar to wearing a light colored shirt on a hot sunny day, a cool roof works with the coating’s own capability to reflect the rays of sun instead of absorbing them. Therefore, along with better insulation on the roof, the building will stay much cooler.

Your new efficient, up to code roof can be installed by your flat roof contractor, and it may take some time for the process to be completed. Forecasting the extra construction time spent on your roof is advantageous, as the cost savings is redeemed quickly once the project is completed.

Extremely Energy Efficient

When switching to a cool roof, your energy savings will soar! If the area that you live in is substantially hotter due to the constant sun, installing a roof that is solar reflective will earn you significant energy savings, nearly up to 70 percent! While the sun’s heat is reflected, heat will not enter your home through your roof, therefore reducing the energy needed to cool your home.

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