The Best Hurricane Protection Solution For Your Naples Roof

Here at Kelly Roofing, we take great pride in helping our clients protect their commercial roofs against the elements–and as we all know, the elements here in Naples, FL can be quite rough, especially during hurricane season. Although we tend to focus on roofing, we also offer A/C fencing. Many of our commercial clients have their air conditioner units located on the roof of their buildings. If this is the case with your commercial building, then we highly recommend you consider installing A/C fencing.


There are several reasons why we recommend installing A/C fencing on your commercial roof. Unlike residential buildings, which typically have their external A/C systems on the ground level, the external A/C systems located on commercial roofs are much more vulnerable to potential damage during bad weather. For example, debris can easily damage your A/C system during a hurricane. Even in non-hurricane weather, debris like leaves and branches can clog your system up. This can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of your A/C.

Properly installed A/C fencing can help keep a lot of debris out of your A/C system. It can also prevent it from being affected by high winds and potential damage caused by larger debris during hurricane-force winds. Depending on the type of A/C fencing you choose, it can also help keep small animals at bay.

While A/C fencing can help protect the function of your A/C system, it can also help preserve the general aesthetic of your commercial building as well. Let’s be honest, those large exterior A/C units which sit up on your roof are kind of an eyesore, especially if they are situated in a way in which they can be seen from down below. A/C fencing can help hide your A/C system from sight, thereby improving your property’s curb appeal.

Protecting your commercial building’s roof is important — and as you know, we can certainly help with that. We are a second-generation roofer with a reputation for the quality of our roofing work throughout Naples. However, don’t forget about protecting the A/C units sitting on top of your commercial roof as well. Our aluminum A/C fencing is built to withstand 175mph winds and won’t rust either. To find out more about our A/C fencing, be sure to contact us at Kelly Roofing today.