Top 3 Reasons Your Tile Roof Will Fail Prematurely

Roof replacement is a huge investment which should last you for years. Tile roofs, in particular, are designed to last for as long as 100 years. Unfortunately, poor installation, missing flashing, and lack of maintenance can cause your tile roof to fail prematurely. Typically, there are three reasons your tile roof will fail prematurely.

1. Poor Initial Installation Workmanship

According to the National Roofing Contractor Association, 47% of all roofs fail prematurely due to poor workmanship. In a race to see who can install roofs faster and cheaper, workmanship is sacrificed. Training is put on the back burner as work schedules try to meet the demand of high-volume builders. Simple steps like using enough fasteners, applying extra sealants in key areas, and installing the correct flashings are all compromised in order to save a buck and move on faster.

Even a top-of-the-line tile roof will fail prematurely if it’s not properly installed. If your new tile roof isn’t performing well, the first thing you should check is the quality of the installation. A reputable roofer will adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations. They will consider things like deck protection, leak barriers, and ventilation to ensures that your new roof will last as long as expected once installed.

2. Missing Flashings 

Missing or improperly installed flashing is the second key reason why tile roofs fail prematurely. Top flashing protects the most vulnerable parts of your roof, such as the valleys and hips, from water infiltration and moisture damage. Without flashing, your new tile roof will develop leaks whenever it rains, causing extensive water damage that might result in premature failure.

3. Lack of Maintenance 

Poor maintenance is actually the number one reason why roofs fail prematurely. The belief that a roof is good and never needs to be maintained cuts even the best roof’s life in half. Broken tiles allow water to run on the roof’s emergency underlayment, breaking it down and causing leaks. Sealants dry out and crack, allowing water in. 

An intentional maintenance routine can double the life of your tile roof and help you avoid costly roof repairs or early replacement. Even a tiny leak can gradually cause huge roofing problems when left unattended. Through routine maintenance, you can spot and address burgeoning issues before they cause a real threat.

The worst part about the three items above is how the industry has accepted that roofs will only last 15-20 years. This is a horrible position to hold. Since 1972, we have installed roofs which last twice as long and withstand damaging hurricanes. The difference is in the details. Demand quality from your roofer and make sure they are installing the proper top flashings for a long-lasting roof. 

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