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FAQ: Do Skylights Leak? Answers To This & Your Other Skylight Questions:

Skylights make great additions to any home. They allow lots of natural light in and help illuminate a room. But do skylights leak? Will they get damaged in a storm? Are they hurricane-approved? I’ll answer these questions and many more in this article. It’s not just a review of skylights but will teach you everything you need to know before deciding. So, if you want to install skylights, keep reading.

FAQ: Do Skylights Leak?

Do Skylights leak? This is the biggest question that homeowners have about skylights. In this article, we will discuss skylights and the myths and truths about them.

The most common myth is that skylights leak. NO skylights do not leak if you use the right type of skylight and it’s installed correctly. That is why we only install Velux Skylights. They have a skylight for every roof and a 20-year leak-free warranty. They can offer this warranty because of a patented flashing structure that goes around the outside of the skylight that performs two forms of water resistance. 

First, the flashing around the outside of the skylight must be capable of shedding the rainwater that is hitting it, even from a hurricane or tornado. 

There’s also an inside flashing that stops condensation from building up. It can appear as though the skylight is leaking, but it’s not leaking at all. That’s because modern skylights have a triple pane glass filled with argon gas and a weep channel to take any condensation that builds up and channel it to the outside of the skylight so it’s not dripping inside the home. The argon gas is an insulator to prevent condensation. Still, with extreme temperature disparities where you have a warm house on the inside and a very cold temperature outside, this condensation occurs, and it helps prevent leaking.

Will skylights get damaged in a storm? Are they hurricane-approved?

Skylights installed in Florida by building code have to be impact resistant. There are two categories to know about for impact resistance: Missile C and Missile D. What level of impact do you need? Some parts of the state are still allowed to use Missile C, which has a lower threshold requirement of the impact rating for skylights. We suggest Missile D, which is the most stringent of all, because we know whether it’s hail, hurricane, or flying debris, you want the greatest amount of protection you can get on something like an open and exposed skylight.

If Velux skylights are made of glass, will they shatter in a storm? The skylight is made with tempered glass, and it’s important to know that tempered glass is laminated to prevent breakage or penetration from projectiles such as hail or wind-borne debris. That’s similar to the front windshield of your vehicle. Will it crack? It could. However, it’s laminated, so it doesn’t leak, indent, come through, or fall apart. The lamination keeps the tempered cracked glass together so it continues to perform even if it cracks.

Can a skylight be installed on any type of roof?

Skylights were invented after WW2 in Europe to help solve a problem. So many of the buildings were destroyed by the bombing campaigns that it was hard to find a suitable place to live. Many of the livable buildings in Paris, Denmark, and England had multiple stories and large attics that were traditionally used for storage. These attics were turned into living spaces because of the need for livable space. Just one problem, the lack of sunlight made them feel dungeon-like.

As the line goes, necessity is the mother of invention, an inventor in Denmark created “Roof Windows.” Later they became Velux Skylights. These skylights have evolved over the years and can now open via solar, remote control, have rain sensors to close automatically, and so much more! Plus, you can put Vertex Skylights on any roof.

Skylights are beneficial for homes, schools, and offices. Skylights have become popular at big box stores. Sam’s and Walmart decided to eliminate daytime lighting by putting in skylights throughout their stores. They now save millions of dollars a year in energy because the skylights let in natural daylight through a fresnel lens prism which magnifies the light. Customers experience bright, natural light, and retailers save on utility costs.

Do you do skylight installations?

Kelly Roofing is a Certified Solutions Contractor for Velux Skylights, and we do all types of skylight installations. We even do Suntops – the little tubes that can be put in any room. These extremely popular skylights are perfect for small spaces like kitchens and closets! Contact us today to discuss how skylights can make a big difference in your home!