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Freeing A Fearless Family From A Rotten Roof

As you are aware, Hurricane Irma did some serious damage around the Naples area. It can take some time to recover from the damage caused by such a severe hurricane, which is why here at Kelly Roofing, we are doing everything we can to help out. We are a part of this community, after all, which is why we feel like we have an obligation to give back whenever possible. This is why we established the Free Roofs for Reviews project – to help residents who are in need of new roofs but don’t have the financial capabilities to pay for one.

We recently installed a new roof on the home of Ms. Pooler over in Golden Gate City. She is currently taking care of her five children, all of whom are still in school. They have been through some traumatic events over the past six years and were in need of a helping hand. We contributed by installing a new Owens Corning Shingle Roof on their home. They were incredibly grateful for the new roof. We are thankful we are in the position to be able to give back in such a way.

We worked with BASIC in order to provide Ms. Pooler with the home repairs she and her family deserved. BASIC helped out by repainting their walls and installing new cabinets while we replaced the roof.

Several organizations have also partnered with us for our Free Roofs for Reviews project. For every five-star review that we receive from customers online, we will contribute $100 towards a charity roof project. This means that for every 100 5-star reviews, we can offer someone in need a $10,000 roof replacement for free.

Unfortunately, there are many families in the same situation as Ms. Pooler. Even more unfortunate, there are many roofers out there taking advantage of people in need of roof replacement or repairs. They come into town following a disaster like Irma and offer what appears to be affordable roofing services only to do a poor job, requiring additional repairs or even complete replacement. It’s why we can’t stress enough to hire a local roofer who is familiar with local permit requirements and has a good reputation within the community.

For more information about our Free Roofs for Reviews project or to schedule a roofing service in Naples, FL, be sure to contact us at Kelly Roofing today.

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