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Preparing Your Naples Roofing and Landscaping for Winter

Now that fall is here, the pleasant weather provides you with the perfect opportunity to get out in the yard and take a good close look at the condition of your Naples roofing, lawn, and plants. Cooler temperatures and reduced humidity levels cause changes in your landscaping. Some of your plants will begin to die and others are going to need some attention to help get them through the winter months.

Fall Landscaping Chores

  • Trimming—Fall is the perfect time for trimming away dead leaves and stems. Many of the plants in your garden will go dormant during the cooler fall and winter months. It’s good to get rid of any dead growth and trimming thick growth and crossed stems and branches helps shrubs and hedges maintain the shape you want them to grow in.
  • Composting—October and November are great months for composting. Gather up the debris and organic litter in your yard and sort through it to eliminate visibly diseased plant matter and anything that isn’t organic. If you haven’t started composting already, the stuff you clear away is a good beginning. You don’t have to tend it very much and when spring comes you will have a large quantity of healthy organic compost for enriching your soil.
  • Weeding and Mulching—Once you’ve got everything cleared, take some time to weed flower beds and around trees and shrubs. Do it before laying down mulch to keep your landscaping weed-free in the spring.
  • Fertilizing the Lawn—Fall is a also good time to do basic lawn maintenance. Feed your lawn with a 13-25-12 blend to provide the phosphorus your grass needs to have strong and healthy roots. Many Naples homeowners plant rye grass in the fall because it remains healthy and lush all through the winter.
  • Fall Planting—Now is the best time to plant spring bulbs, shrubs, and young trees. It is also a great time to plant cool season flowers such as peonies and pansies.


When you finish out in the garden, be sure to inspect your roofing and get it ready for winter, as well. If your busy schedule makes it difficult to do a thorough home inspection, Kelly Roofing can perform a free, certified Naples roofing inspection. Your #1 hometown Naples roofing contractor will do a thorough and detailed evaluation to help you prevent small issues from turning into expensive repairs.

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