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6 Renovation Myths Busted

J-17579 LAKEWOOD POOL 002A certain home renovation television show got in trouble with viewers by almost always generating enormous cost overruns, which the host blithely dismissed with comments like, “So you went around $60,000 over budget, but look at this fantastic kitchen.” Exorbitant costs are only one of six common myths about home renovation. Kelly Roofing, your Estero roofing company that puts customers first, can help set the record straight while saving you money.

Myth #1: All Renovations Are Pricey

Home renovation does not have to bust your budget. Through careful design and planting, for example, new landscaping can provide an inexpensive facelift. Other inexpensive makeovers include:

  • Remodel a Single Bathroom—adding home value and brightening the spirits of family and visitors alike
  • Change Out Window Treatments—explore vertical blinds, new patterns in curtains, or awnings outside to shade your home


Myth #2: Permits Are Optional

Whether you need a permit for your single-family home or approval from a homeowners’ association (HOA), get your paperwork in order before plunging into a project. An Estero roofing company such as Kelly Roofing knows local requirements and can smooth the way for you.

Myth #3: Doing It Yourself Will Save Money

For some small projects—replacing a sink, changing out a bathroom cabinet—you can save money. For larger jobs—reroofing, kitchen makeovers, laying new floors—professional contractors can save time and money because they come with the tools and expertise to do the job quickly. Kelly Roofing, the Estero roofing company that values efficiency, can often re-shingle a single-family home in a day or two. Even hiring a relative, you probably could not get the job done in less than five days.

Myth #4: Buying Materials Yourself Will Save Money

Very few contractors will work with owner-purchased materials. Your local Estero roofing company, for example, has established relationships with wholesalers to tap the lowest cost for roofing supplies. Your visit to the local home improvement store will not reap any substantial savings.

Myth #5: It Doesn’t Matter If My Contractor Is Fully-Insured

Have a frank talk with your contractor about the exact insurance the company maintains. Your homeowners’ insurance may still have to cover some events, and umbrella liability coverage is an excellent way to protect your home against loss.

Myth #6: Renovations Are Messy and Environmentally Disastrous

Alberson's Clear Coat
Alberson’s Clear Coat

Kelly Roofing recycles some 10,000 tons of roofing materials every year and we practice conscientious contracting. Most contractors assign one crew member to monitor for safety hazards and trash, keeping the yard and home as tidy as possible.

Kelly Roofing is a family-run business that puts our customers first.  We know all the ins-and-outs of roofing and construction and can help you understand all that is involved in re-roofing or renovating your home. Contact Kelly Roofing for more information on repairing your Estero roof.