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Small Home Improvements for Big Value

Our good neighbors in Naples often ask us here at Kelly Roofing why so many homes are topped with shingle roofing, and we tell them because shingle roofing is one of the least expensive roofing choices. We know people prize economical solutions when picking and choosing ways to improve their homes. Sometimes small changes, for small change, can really add to both the curb appeal and value of your Naples home.

Whole House

For a few hundred dollars, a home inspector can point you toward your future repair and maintenance list. You may have lived in your Naples home for so long, you cannot see the blemishes. Have the home inspector go from shingle roofing down to foundation and note everything that is deteriorating, out of code compliance, or likely to fail. Get a priority list and work on each area, as funds allow.


In Naples, as elsewhere, the best return on your investment is sprucing up either your kitchen or bathroom. Both remodels add value to your home, and prospective home buyers love seeing new kitchen appliances. Sometimes, though, the total cost of all that stainless steel can be more than the cost of a new car, so consider smaller improvements:

  • Clean Everything—really scrub all surfaces, using different cleaning products for each material
  • Peel Away—the wallpaper, not the oranges; wallpaper often shows wear
  • Let There Be Light—modern light fixtures and energy-saving bulbs are bright ideas
  • Install a New Sink and Matching Commode in the Bathroom
  • Go Green—with environmentally-conscious flooring like bamboo or sustainable hardwood; say goodbye to faded, dust-filled carpets



To enhance curb appeal, start by standing—where else?—at your curb and see what part of your Naples residence stands out.

  • Is it the roof? Make sure your shingle roofing has no algae, moss, or visible damage.
  • If your house front is prominent, a fresh coat of paint for several hundred dollars can make your property pop.
  • If your lawn is overgrown, unkempt or turning brown, an afternoon with a professional landscaping service can give your whole place a face lift.

Other inexpensive fix-ups:

  • Clean Off the Roof—if leaves or branches – or even flying discs, softballs, or shoes – ornament your shingle roofing, clear them off or hire a professional to do it.
  • Clean Up Clutter—lawn decorations should yield to natural planting.
  • Clean Out the Gutters—shingle roofing sometimes deposits granules in the gutters, and organic overflow stains the fronts; trisodium phosphate (TSP) can make gutters sparkle.

Sprucing up your home in little ways can add lots of curb appeal, plus value. For more ideas on how to improve your home, or if you are in the market for a new roof, contact Kelly Roofing.

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