Why Every Other Media Source Is Wrong About The Tesla Solar Roof Price Increase

As a Certified Tesla Installer, we feel it’s our responsibility to clear the air and call out some lousy reporting. The price of Tesla Solar Roofs has not skyrocketed. Homeowners are not being misled with low quotes. Here’s an inside look at what’s really happening with the price of Tesla Solar Roofs. 

Small Price Increases

The prices of building materials, in general, have increased recently. Tesla Solar Roofing is no exception. It will cost you more to have a Tesla Solar Roof installed now than it did 6 months ago. However, the price increase has been quite reasonable, and it was a singular increase. The price is not continuing to climb and is not expected to “skyrocket,” as some media sources claim.

Also, the increase in cost of Tesla Solar Roofs has been smaller than the increase of other materials, like wood and metal. This has actually made Tesla Solar Roofing an even more affordable option compared to other roof materials. The price difference between Tesla Solar Roofs and a typical metal or tile roof has narrowed. Plus, you’ll save on energy with a Tesla Solar Roof. Despite the recent price increase, Tesla Solar Roofs continue to be a really smart investment.

Poor Online Quoting Practices

So what about those reports from homeowners being charged more than the quoted price for their Tesla Solar Roof?

Basically, this comes down to the improper use of online quoting tools. Tools meant to analyze your home and needs and provide a quote for a solar roof are not foolproof. They only give accurate quotes when you provide accurate input. And you also have to know how to interpret the quotes they generate. Here are some specific mistakes and shortcomings which can lead to an inaccurate online quote.

Inaccurate Satellite Estimation of Roof Size

Square footage is an essential variable in generating a quote for a Tesla Solar Roof. The larger the roof, the more it will cost.

Some online configurators are designed to calculate your roof size based on satellite imagery. However, the calculated square footage isn’t always accurate. Satellites offer a top-down view and do not account for the angle of your roof when estimating square footage. They also may not consider parts of the roof behind chimneys, covered by trees, flat roofing, or roof sections such as over a bay or dormer window.

If satellite information says your roof is 1,000 square feet, but your roof is actually 1,500 square feet, then your quote is not going to be accurate.

Failure to Account for Structural Repairs

Sometimes what homeowners interpret as a price increase is actually due to a change in scope for the project. For example, the online estimator tool won’t know what condition your roof deck is in. If your installer shows up and finds your roof deck is rotten and requires repairs, then your price will increase. Sometimes installers find trusses need to be reinforced to better support the Tesla Solar Roof. These also come with an added charge.

Inaccurate Customer Input

Configurator tools, like the one on our website, rely on customer input. You’re asked what type of roof system you have, the condition of your roof, and so forth. If the customer does not know the correct response or enters incorrect information, then the quote may not be accurate.

Exclusion of Accessories

Items such as skylights, gutters, chimneys, and flat roof areas are considered to be accessories. These vary significantly in size and type, making them really hard to quote via an online configurator. To get more accurate pricing on these accessories, you really need to have an on-site survey.

Getting More Accurate Quotes

So, how can homeowners avoid what the media perceives as a dramatic price increase on Tesla Solar Roofs? Here’s what we recommend. Use the online configurator to get a general sense of how much your Tesla Solar Roof may cost, but don’t put too much stock in this number. Have a full on-site inspection, including an attic inspection, before finalizing a contract. This way, there are no hidden surprises when you receive the bill.

Kelly Roofing always performs an on-site inspection before finalizing a contract. As Certified Tesla Installers in Florida, we aim to be as up-front as possible with pricing. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an in-person estimate or learn more about Tesla Solar Roofs.